Today Massachusetts they are holding the special election to fill the vacated Senate seat held by the late Senator Ted Kennedy, an off off cycle election that has turned into a major situation for Washington. At stake, the 60th and super majority vote that the Democrats need to finish forcing Healthcare reform Legislation upon America’s citizens and economy.

The democrats have pulled out all the stops to try and secure this seat again, using every tool and ally in their arsenal to try and compensate for the double digit slide in the polls by their candidate Mrs. Coakley, who’s appointment was almost a certainty only a couple of weeks ago.

She made last week a quick trip to the Mecca of money (Washington), to attend a fundraiser put on by lobbyists from big Pharma and Insurance companies, apparently and typically void of the understanding and previously promised Obama pledge to “end the days of Lobbyist control on our Government”.

The Democrats are frantic today, but not without resolve. Even should Mr. Brown, (The Republican) win, they already have plans to delay the official seating of the Republican until after the critical vote on healthcare.  (see dictionary definition of Shameless!)

Oh My!  How much things have really “Changed” Mr. Obama. Actually, they have changed, things are even worse. Corruption, bribery, vote buying and the general disdain for what the American people want, has now reached new and historic levels. Good Job! We have become the United States of Chicago!

We have also seen the meanings of words change with regularity and reckless abandon. “Terrorists” are now “criminals” to be lawyered up and tried in Federal courts. “Promises” are now simply “campaign rhetoric” and should never be expected to be kept,  “transparency”  now means  “We tell you what we did after we did it ‘,  and “Common Sense Adjustments” are ‘bribes and payoffs to the Unions’.

The simple fact is that although we all know that Politicians and Government in general have always lied to us, this current Administration and Congress have turned lying into an Olympic Level Sport. Each day, outdoing each other while counting on their strongest partners, the Press, to help spin and shield the truth from our collective eyes.

Just this past Friday morning, we learned of yet another sweetheart deal, given in the dead of night to the Unions by the Administration, exempting their “Cadillac Plans” of insurance from the coming 40% tax that regular Americans with such high level insurance will have to pay. Each step taken to further this healthcare legislation insults our national intelligence, increases the burden on every average non-union citizen, dishonors everything that makes America, America!,  and is a direct contradiction to our Constitution. It is as if we are reading a new bedtime storybook, ” Ali Obama and the Sixty Thieves! “

What we as typical American citizens must come to terms with is the fact that most likely, this Administration and Congress will get their ideological way, and that the healthcare reform bill will pass into law. The largest and most unpopular piece of legislation in decades. But coming to terms with this insanity does not mean giving up to it.

We must insist that candidates in the next two election cycles, both this year and in 2012, pledge in blood, that they will repeal this atrocity and any other that follows. We cannot cast one vote for any individual that does not make this cause, their primary reason for running. The current collection of reprobates while constructing this legislation to begin in 2013, ( although the taxing begins immediately ), hoping it would not hamper their campaigns of 2012,  have also given us the means to stop it in it’s tracks through repeal, if we can get enough “Citizen Servants” in place before it officially kicks into gear.

This must be our primary function as citizens for the next three years! We must repeal this monstrosity of graft and bribery, we must reaffirm and reconstruct our Constitutional protections from any Government that tries to overreach it’s authority and powers upon us. Do not take this laying down!  Stand up and fight back. This is our America, not theirs!, and any freedoms worth keeping are worth fighting for. I say Fight!

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