Twas the week before Chrsitmas, and in the Senate and the House, all the weasals were a stirring, especially Harry Reid, the big louse.

The tax hikes were hung on the legislation with care, in hope that reconciliation would leave them right there.

The citizens were sleeping all snug in their beds, while the Congress raised debt limits and borrowed from the FED. The conservatives were wearing their best thinking caps, to try and derail, this wormhole of crap.

When all of the sudden, their arose such a cladder. Someone wanted amendments read, others cried “Read the Bill?   Why would that matter?”

Away to the podium, Bernie Sanders ran in a flash, withdrew his amendment, and it’s pork spending cash. And what do you think would be the next to appear?, $165 Billion for a Job’s bill, the second this year!

With a newly elected driver, so smooth sharp and slick, the transparency he promised, no more than a “trick”.  More determined than ever, his cohorts they came, and he smiled, bowed and Bush-Bashed as he called them by name.

Now Bachus, now Shumer, now Weiner and Dodd. On Rangel, Pelosi, and Franks  with a nod. For the sake of Progressives and our Socialist call.  Now Tax away! Tax away!  Tax away all!

And then in my wallet, I noticed their hands, the pawing and grabbing that spread through the land. As I reached for my money while spinning around, down came the President to twist every arm in town.

He was dressed set for bargaining, from his head to his feet. With enough taxpayer money to offer as treats. A bag full of payoffs he’d slung on his back. And if that didn’t work, he’d threaten to close Air Bases with “Brack”.

His eyes how they Twinkled, his dimples so merry. His manner is likable, it’s his policies that are scary. The words from his mouth though articulate and gleaning, are full of fear tactics and duplicidous meaning.

Social Justice and Unions, Reparations for all. Global warming, wealth redistribution, Socialism you might call. With healthcare in tow, it’s a fiscal labaodomy, to put such “Inept idealogues” in control of 1/6th of our economy.

Now a vote  they may take, on this fine Chrismas Eve, to avoid their constituents, should they not and for the Holiday’s leave. The last thing they want is to hear what you have to say. Then they might be forced to “reason” and the President would not get his way.

So make calls my fellow Americans, send emails and alerts. Help to stop this “Christmas Gift” from Congress, that sidesteps our Constitution and worse.

We must force them to focus on the things that do matter. Like Jobs, the Economy and the terrorists we must shatter. Our country is in jeapordy, of financial implosion, yet they spend with ferocity, cloaked by commotion.

So as we battle now  for our freedom, wrapped in conscience and  forged with right.  I say Merry Christmas to all, and to all , keep up the fight!

( Merry Christmas America! )

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