Today I was alerted to a yet another fact that had gone unnoticed and “unreported to the general public by a media machine who’s complacency is now bordering on the verge of “professional treason”, as our so called “Watchdogs” have become the lapdogs to this administration and it’s almost daily assaults on traditional America.

The US Post Office has recently re-issued a commemorative stamp honoring two Muslim Holidays during this Christmas Season. This stamp, was originally released Aug. 1 2001, “before the world changed”, and then re-issued later in 2002 during the Bush Administration as a “Reaching out” to the Muslim Community.

It is re-released again honoring the two Muslim holidays of this time of year, and all things considered, I feel a very inappropriate time. This trend of reaching out, under the guise of Political correctness, has so far netted us only more death, less security and even an attack at Ft. Hood.

We as a nation seem to be bending over backwards to not offend a group of people, from whose numbers we find those who have only one wish, and that is to destroy America and all we stand for. We shackle our efforts with this misguided “political correctness”, just as we use it as an umbrealla for other Constitutional distortions and infringements upon ourselves.

It just doesn’t make sense. You can burn a flag, but in many places it is not allowed to fly for fear of offending someone. ( Can you feel me talking to you again? )

Think about it, we have a stamp , ” A Christmas Stamp”,  honoring Muslims (huh?), yet the Administration proposes a “Non-Christian Christmas celebration” at the Whitehouse!  This is lunacy of the highest order. Apparently it is only certain groups who cannot be offended. ( I can’t get it out of my mind )

They now want to try enemy combatants, captured on the battlefield, in a Civilian Court, and give them all of the rights guaranteed American Citizens by our Constitution. ( It makes me crazy sometimes )

They turn a blind eye to many very obvious red flags that could have stopped the “Terrorist Attack” at Fort Hood.

all in an attempt to avoid “Profiling” . Yet all law enforcement organizations maintain highly trained profilers, a specialized tool to assist in very specific investigations. ( Sometimes it’s a good thing )

What is so wrong with Profiling?  Believe me, if America was being attacked on a regular basis by tall, very good looking guys with black hair , brown eyes and a smile that oozes temptation, I would fully expect to be harassed at any airport or Government building. ( Yeah, you’ve thought it too! )  It is just a technique they use, a very valuable part of the overall plan of action.

But, when we refuse to use such tools, we limit our effectiveness and make our enemy’s job that much easier, this, compounded by the actions of an Administration hellbent on apologizing for America and literally “bowing down” to other countries, creates a recipe for destruction of all we hold dear. ( We can deny it, but it is still there! )

All the while, legislation is being written, considered and implemented that further weakens our Nation at it’s core.

Do you want to be America the Politically Correct?, or are we still  America the Great?  America the Strong!   Time is quickly running out for ”We as a Nation” to decide if we still want it or not..  Decide for yourself!  ( Right or Wrong, I still want it…  and more!  Let’s make it happen!)

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