America is under attack at it’s very core. The standards we have held dear for over 200 years are seeing a revival of assault from many of our Government agencies and institutions.

The National Day of Prayer is under Constitutional Challenge. ( I suggest one merely read the Constitution and it would not take long before you see the basis for such prayer installed and enshrined in our Nations founding Document. )

The pledge of Allegiance has faced numerous challenges over the last several years as once again, one individual who is somehow “Offended ” by it, challenges it’s Constitutionality.

A 13 year old girl draws an American Flag with the words ” God Bless America” on it, and is told by her “Teacher/Indoctrinator” that it is offensive, while the same teacher remarks to another student who had drawn a picture of President Obama, ” Thanks for being a Patriotic American” (????  HUH? )

Five high school students are told to remove their patriotic shirts brandishing our flag because a Vice-Principal thought it would offend the Hispanic students celebrating Cinco De Mayo. Now subject to Death threats!…

The Mohave Memorial Cross, after Supreme Court judication denied claims of Institutionalized religion brought on by the ACLU and their offended complaintant,and allowed it to once again  stand “uncovered” is subsequently stolen. No one apparently has any idea who did it..  here’s a hint… ACLU advocates!

Christmas is only months away and no doubt those who challenge it’s place within our society are already lining up to protest it vigorously yet again.

There are two questions we must all ask ourselves, Firstly, what the hell is going on here?  and Secondly, What are we gonna do about it?  No one can answer that except you, and how you answer will indeed determine the future for you, your children and their children.

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