The first year of the Obama Administration is coming to an end, and amidst all of the efforts taken, one thing is becoming increasingly apparent to me. The Progressive’s desire to “fundamentally change America”, is more than a mantra or ideology, it is a full blown obsession.

Dating back to the early 1900’s, this insatiable urge to see America dismantled from a Free Market Society and reformulated in the mold of true Socialism, may have seemed dormant, but is to these individuals the same uncontrollable thirst as that of an addict, or some love-struck soul facing a desire that they cannot have.

They may walk around for endless hours each day denying that it is even there, but at the end of the day, they lay awake in bed battling these all consuming thoughts they cannot control.

This situation has become heightened even more now, by the appearance and alignment of possibility, having been acquired through the mantle of majority they possess within the House of Representatives, Senate and indeed the Whitehouse.

They can taste it! They are sure that their time has come and believe fully, that regardless of consequences to their political careers, once set into motion, their decades long plans will not be able to be reversed, and that they will have at long last, achieved their ultimate goal.

Just look at where we are now. The Economy is in recession at best, and still far too close to the catalyst for another depression. America’s unemployment rate is at twenty year highs, and if the real numbers are applied, is actually nearing depression era totals.

The Dollar is becoming increasingly less valuable both here and abroad, with an almost unending stream of Fiat Capital being printed up reflecting economic numbers that are merely ghosts, and yet Fed Chairman Bernanke is poised to obtain another term.( Remember the definition of Insanity! )

Global warming advocates have advanced their cause to the point whereas even the newly reported falsification of Scientific data is not only NOT getting “real” press coverage and scrutiny, but may go unconsidered at all, as we are seeing our Nation’s Sovereignty bartered away in Copenhagen.

The Powers that be, are letting not one single possible excuse to raise taxes go to waste, and are burying many in legislation that is so vast and convoluted in multi-thousand paged labyrinths of “Governmental legalese and gobbledy gook”, that the full extent of cost to the American taxpayer will not be known until it is way too late, and our total tax burden increases to well over 40% per citizen and impoverishes future generations.

Ploward and Piven laid out the template for such a overwhelming implosion of our system, and it appears that these contractors of Congress are following this blueprint to the letter. If left unchecked, these activities will bring our nation to it’s knees, where only complete Government Control could ever bring it back. ( Not that that is what they would want to do anyway.)

Their endgame is clear. Total dependency upon the Government. Just as the addict must find that next fix from his every ready pusher, or the way the obsessed lover lives for the chance to once again touch the one he desires, ( Is my message getting through to you? ) They want all citizens to see Government as their all, the provider/protector, to whom all tribute must be paid, in order to get back in return the minimal basic necessities of life that we used to obtain on our own.

We are not at “Check Mate” yet my friends, but our queen is in jeopardy, our bishops and knights fell recently, and they have both of our castles. Our next move must be precise and strong. We must quarantine Washington, “Nothing In and Nothing Out” until we fumigate it with the new blood of uncorrupted Citizen Servants!

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