It is Friday morning as I write this and tomorrow ( Saturday ) , the Senate will be voting on the healthcare legislation. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and a few of his allies have finished their novel of lies and distortions, and will attempt to get the 60 votes for cloture and send this behemoth of Taxation and New Government Intrusion into our lives, back to the House of representatives for reconciliation and ultimate approval and then final passage into law.

By now we will all know what has happened on this Saturday vote and will either be relieved that the Senate has had a   ” Come Back To the Constitution ” moment and halted this out of control train of Socialism, or we will find ourselves poised to see 1/6 of our total economy and our National Healthcare now in the hands of people who cannot even accurately manage a “Cash for Clunkers ” program consisting of merely 4 Billion dollars.

The question many of us will be asking ourselves is, “What do we do now? “  What action can be taken at this the eleventh hour, to stop this rolling snowball of Government Growth, Taxation and Expense?

I am just an average citizen, an average guy, but even I cannot sit back idly and watch my nation disseminated and taken over by the Progressives who have lingered in the dark corners plotting our Country’s ” Fundamental Transformation”  and ultimate demise for decades.

In my mind, we have only two options if this legislation of lunacy was voted forward on Saturday and is one step closer to being crammed down our throats.

First, knowing that the Senate, needing only a simple Majority of 51 votes in the next round, will most assuredly seal our fate, we will have to put all of our focus and efforts on the House of Representatives, where there are many more individual votes to apply our pressures to.

The bill, barely passed the house prior to going to the Senate, and only through Speaker Pelosi’s managing votes, by allowing a few amendments to go forward that they have no intention of supporting in the final bill after reconciliation. Many deals were struck in order for her to get it passed. To have her little victory!

This is their one weak point. We must apply more pressure than ever on our Congressional Representatives to convince them that their jobs, their careers, are in a definite state of ending if they support this bill and send it back to the Senate.

We must hound them daily, sending them copies of ” Help Wanted Ads”, reminding them that they will be reading these very shortly if they go against the wishes of the American people and follow this ideological path towards the destruction of all we as free citizens hold sacred. Our Constitution!  Our very Independence!

Secondly, Americans everywhere should begin in earnest a “Recall or Impeachment Campaign” against any member who votes for this legislation whether on Saturday in the Senate or in the subsequent votes following reconcliation.We must begin the process to remove them all from the offices, that they use as a tool against our will and our county’s best interest.

Everyone of them who votes yes!, or sign this abomination into law, ( Mr. President are you listening? ) must be removed immediately as enemies of the Constitution and our Nation. Not waiting until 2010 or 2012. Immediately!  If the recall and impeachment campaigns begins as soon as the Senate passes their version on Saturday, and grows rapidly, these Career Politicians might see the light and finally realize that “We the People” will not stand for this one second longer.

They should pay attention, because this as I see it, is one of the few remaining steps available to a Free People trying to stay Free, that does not involve true bloody revolution!  King James, never thought we would rise up!  Surely or Government cannot be as indifferent, uninformed and ignorant to history as he was!

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