Ladies and Gentlemen!  Watch closely my left hand! See how with my little finger, I sign legislation spending more money than we could ever repay on a “Stimulus Plan” that stimulates nothing but Government growth.

See how with my other finger, I simultaneously reshape the American Economy from Capitalism to Taxpayer funded Marxist stagnation, while also formulating my sweeping destructive reform to the Best Healthcare system in the world in order to give taxpayer funded healthcare to those who do not want it and those who will vote for “Us” forever if they perceive it as yet another entitlement guaranteed by citizenship, or at least having successfully crossed our border illegally. ( Don’t worry, We won’t check! )

Pay attention my friends as I, with the wave of this finger, repeatedly and dangerously,  postpone making a decision to support the men and women who are in Harms Way serving America, in order to appease the many political tugs at my gloriously bedazzled magic robe. ( Oooooooh!!!….. Aaaaaah! )

Keep your eyes focused on my left hand!…..are you ready for some magic?   Surprise!..   I already did it!…

With my right hand!

Let’s talk about that mysterious and “ever-so-busy” right hand for a moment. While we sit focused, hypnotized watching the activities of our Government as they play out before our eyes, it is the cleverly under-reported or “avoided all together” movements that should be being watched as well.

The public debate is enthralled in conversations concerning the major Healthcare Legislation slithering it’s way through the system, and the Congress and our Czar Specific Administration are wasting no time capitalizing on this diversion to pass “minor” legislation quietly with almost no media coverage at all. (Just a few “little” bills, pending international treaties and critical appointments!, Nothing to see here Folks!  Move along!)

For instance, Sen. Chris ” Can I get another sweetheart mortgage deal” Dodd’s legislation to remove certain powers and authority from the Federal reserve and the FDIC.  A good idea!  Except that he instead of simply repealing the powers already given to the Unconstitutional Fed, desires to create several new government agencies to handle regulatory and consumer advocacy issues of banking and home lending. In short, a  Fannie and Freddie-esque monolith that he and other members can formulate to serve at yet another personal and political piggy bank of favor and graft.

Sen. Kerry and his partners in eco-economic terrorism, have composed the Cap and Tax Climate bill, which lays in wait to follow the same slimy partisan path that healthcare reform is taking now. Once they know they can collect or purchase the minimum votes needed they will systematically cram this bill too down our throats and deep into our pockets again. ( Ta-Daaaa! )

Don’t look behind the curtain!, you might actually see how, while I was on one hand speaking to the Nation, (after a few minutes of political posturing and customary “ShoutOuts”), about the tragedy, the shooting, (not Terrorism!, Don’t jump to conclusions!), that took place at one of our military bases, in our Country, by one of our officers.  While at the same time elevating two “Devout” Muslims, ( that’s right..Devout! ), to key high positions at the Department of Homeland Security, where they can protect us and serve Allah!  ( Didn’t notice that , did you?… Damn I’m Good! )

Pay no mind to the international climate treaty, (wow! that sounds good right? ), that I will most likely be signing our nation onto in December, (unless you notice). This treaty that Forms the first cornerstone for the World Government that we progressives have been working towards since 1908.

By signing this treaty, I will be wrapping our Constitutional Sovereignty in a “Tunic of Molesta” ( google it! ), giving control of our nation to an international governing authority, while giving up 2% of our GDP as “Climate Tax” to fund this Government and redistribute our nations wealth to those under-developed nations who do not have such an “Earth Killing” Industrial base.

I can do it all Ladies and Gentleman!, all you have to do is to keep your eyes focused on my Left hand!…  now watch closely!, …and remember, the show has just begun!

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