Last week we watched as several elections, in only a few states played out, with Republicans being victorious in all but one location. We also got to watch the barrage of explanations and analysis given to explain the why’s, how’s and what does this mean now’s.

The administration smartly, took a preemptive stance of saying that these elections were “localized” and not necessarily a reflection of the opinion voters in these areas had of “their” policies and positions, a move that doesn’t quite jive with the fact that so many big shot Democrats from Clinton, to Biden and even the President himself made several trips to support Mr. Corzine’s attempt at re-election.

The polls had not even closed yet and we were already hearing how this was no real template to gauge the Nation’s approval of Congress and the Administration, and in fact, we were told that there was some “Civil War” brewing within the Republican party that would damper any hopes they had for 2010 and beyond.

Republicans were shouting from the rooftops that the resurrection of their party had begun and that they were now poised to have a strong if not overwhelming showing in the next election cycles, while also detailing the civil rift amongst moderate and liberal Democrats.

Senator Harry Reid came out the day after the elections and began backing away from any deadlines to healthcare reform, citing the need to “get it right”, even if it takes until some time next year. ( This need for reasoned examination seems odd as it  wasn’t apparent over the last few months as they tried to ram it through under the guise of “Crisis”, without debate and much consideration. ) Why now Harry?  Have you read the “Tea” Leaves? Do your approval ratings which are even lower than Corzine’s slap you with the reality of impending doom?

Speaker Pelosi declared victory!, as the democrats did win one seat, in a small sparsely populated district in upstate New York, while pasting that fake smile upon her botoxed face like a Mrs PotatoHead Toy, and recalling that “no Republican had won there since the Civil War”, a race I am sure she was around to watch closely.

In Virginia, a Republican won the Governorship, and as everyone clambered to decipher why, we heard everything from how the Democrat had suffered due to distancing himself earlier from the Administration, to how the Obama voters, ( whoever they may be ), failed to come out and vote for this white Liberal Democrat. Even the impassioned ads featuring Mr. Obama were not enough to pull in those who flocked to vote for him in 2008. Perhaps sleeping in after a late night watcing the World Series.

Before the Republicans begin to herald their re-ascension to power, and before the Democrats play off these small time insignificant elections , ( that they spent so much money and effort on), as no real change to their given mandate. They should take their heads out of their prospective rear ends, and notice what only a few have noticed and even reported on.

The changes in this off-off election cycle occurred the way they did because of two very important and yet underreported and underestimated factors. It was the Tea Party Coalitions and the Independent Voters, (having realized that they were bamboozled in 2008 and returning  to their more conservative stances), that had the effect on these elections that so shook Washington, and Congress in particular.

The anger and distrust of all things associated with incumbent Washington, both Republican and Democrat, that sparked the first Tea Party back in February and have kept these fires stoked throughout the summer town hall vacations, has not weakened one iota. In fact, they are stronger than ever.

I realize that Washington elitists keep hope in their hearts that “We the People” will get tired and go away, but that will not happen. Not this time! They have pushed the American citizens too far, and have exceeded their Constitutionally enumerated authority for the last time. We have had enough of their lies, backdoor deals, corruptive activities and continuous attempts to circumvent our rights, freedoms and Constitution to suit their needs and ideological desires.

This was a big deal election cycle, not because the Republicans took some seats from the Democrats, but because this election was the first time that   “We the People”,  who have had enough, have had a chance to truly show it. All incumbents should fear 2010 and 2012 as if it were untested H1N1 vaccines being shot into their jugulars on a daily basis with crack addict shared needles. For this was the first shot in the New Revolution. “The Battle of the Ballot has begun!”    hoo-aah!

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