On Thursday Oct. 29th, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a group of fellow Democrats came forth with much hoopla and announced the completion of the House Bill for Healthcare Reform, a bill that still must be reconciled with the Senate version before ultimate application and final voting.

She seemed gleeful as she lauded the fact that with this legislation, some 96% of Americans would have access to healthcare. What she failed to mention was that of the reported 30 million uncovered Americans, this plan will only cover roughly half.

Which means they want to spend what will no doubt be well over a Trillion Dollars to insure just over 15 million people, and will do this by taxing those who make over $500,000 a year and applying mandates that will raise premiums on every American who currently has insurance.

Medical equipment and service costs will rise also as taxations are passed on to the consumer, and Medicare reimbursement amounts will be whittled down even further causing many doctors to refuse to handle medicare insured patients, thereby initiating the rationing effect opponents have feared.

There is no language in this plan that plainly states that Illegal Immigrants will not receive federally funded healthcare benefits, nor is there specific language denying federally funded abortions, (These two items have been offered as amendments but have been refused inclusion or even a vote.)

The promised “Transparency and New Era of Bipartisanship” has been replaced by locked door secret meetings where even Republican Elected Officials were barred entrance, and to Nancy Pelosi having Republicans turned away at the unveiling event last Thursday. “Viva La Change! “

Congress and this administration are doing everything in their power to figure out how to ram this reform down the throats of  a Nation which does not want it, while simultaneously creating fuzzy math techniques and even excluding some costs all together, to bamboozle the public and somehow ease the pain of swallowing this Trillion dollar plus pill.

Consider this also, at no time has any program or process evaluated by our government ever come in at cost, much less under cost. Typically, a multiplier of ten is a fair estimation of what real costs will inevitably turn out to be. That puts a real cost estimation of this plan at Ten Trillion Dollars, of money we do not have and should not borrow.

When President Obama promised to “Fundamentally Change America”, I wish he had meant that his administration would focus on “Returning Us to Our Fundamentals of smaller Government and less Taxes”. I wish he had a desire to redirect America to the path that made us great.

Instead, he and this Progressive led Congress are doing all in their power to change everything that has made us the greatest nation on Earth. The rest of the world is watching closely and wringing their hands in glee as they see the world’s only “Super Power”, slice it’s own wrists with the blade of Marxism.

This planned healthcare overhaul is bad for America, plain and simple, and if we sit on our hands and allow them to force our country in this direction, we will disgrace our founders, the men and women who died to create and maintain the freedoms we enjoy, and most assuredly our children and grandchildren as we choose to allow their lives in America to be those of subjugation and not liberation. How can we as a free people choose government dependency over personal responsibility?

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