2012, this specific year and it’s association with pending doom, have been the subject of many prophecies, books, documentaries and even a recent Hollywood film. Most of these theories are based primarily on the calculation that the Mayan calender will end precisely on December 21st, 2012 and that this conclusion, signifies the “End of Times”.

While these multiples of theorists have just as many explainations as to how this Armageddon will be ushered in, most if not all, defer to at minimum, a cataclysmic change in mankind’s time on Earth, if not it’s ultimate removal.

Theology based predictions, and some others, point to the signs of Armageddon and can sight exact contemporary examples, or somewhat extrapolated series of events, that prove their case and heighten their sense of legitimacy, while those of a more astrological vein of training, believe the alignment of the planets will cause a reconfiguration of our Axis based existence which could lead to a new “Ice Age”, turning the world literally on it’s side.

Regardless of which, If you believe any of these lines of thought, you are probably counting the days between now and then and deciding which day you will enact your own personal course of survivalist planning for such an inevitability or,  your ” The World is Ending! ” partyfest, allowing you to go out with a bang.

Let’s consider for a moment, some of the situational components to this whole recipe of doom. The alignment theory as best I can decipher, is actually happening, but, speculation as to it’s effect upon our current axis tilt is yet undetermined scientifically, for no one is still around since the last time this happened. Of course they would have been Dinosaurs and we know they all disappeared, basically over night. (?)

Theologists citing the signs of the Apocalypse, are concerned by global strife and environmental anomalies, e.g. raining fire etc.,  and  grow increasingly alarmed by nuclear proliferation and worldwide fear of a nuclear holocaust. Of course, that could “never happen”.  The rogue nations like Korea and Iran won’t have nuclear weapons capable of doing this kind of damage for at least 2 to 3 years from now, and that would be sometime in the year , 2012. (?)

The Mayan calender, while hoisted as the end all timepiece for mankind, is supposed to end on that fateful day, but some theorize that they weren’t consciously forecasting our future as much as maybe running out of room at the top of their temples and that  had they the ability to build taller structures, we may have a calender going on for ions more, paying no attention to the celestial and extra-terrestrial designs carved into many of their structures casting belief that other beings were guiding their work and were therefore, fully aware of a time of cleansing in 2012. (?)

I realize all of this is folly to many of you, and perhaps it should be.  After all, we are currently involved in mutiple important political battles, that have the very foundation and future of our country at stake. Many of which will be fought over and over again until we finally get to the point where we as a nation can either decide to continue this current path, or change direction again, by casting our votes in the next Presidential election of …2012.(?)

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