Turn on your news network, read any paper or just listen to your local radio station and it will not take long before you are inundated with Politicians from one party or the other attacking each other in various ways. Each blaming the other for incidents of corruption, malfeasance or out and out telling of lies.

These people whom we have elected, many for countless years, seemingly spend the largest portion of their days lobbing insults and blame from one party to the other. This has gone on for untold decades and is now reaching new heights in all time lows.

At quick glance one could easily assess that 1/3 are under ethics investigations, 1/3  are involved in scandals involving sexual improprieties and the other 1/3 are just too damn radical to be anywhere near any position of power imposed upon the general population, or who at minimum are in the pockets of high dollar special interest/lobbyists.

The  “Leaders”, from the moment they are elected have only one concern in mind, reelection. Every move they make, every word they speak is tailored to polls in which they can gauge their chances at retention of power.

When we the citizens speak against what they are doing, we are berated and labeled mobs, or crazies or even Un American. They do all they can to avoid us until an election year rolls around and then of course they are everywhere promising everything to everybody.

They speak of controlling the reach and growth of Government into our lives, but with each new legislation increase it exponentially, citing that it is for “our own good”. Many have been entrenched in the beltway of Washington’s elitists so long that they can not even begin to relate to the average American today.

Have you had enough?  Will you finally realize that it doesn’t matter which party you align with or vote for that your concerns are not theirs?  These are professional politicians who do what they do very well and what they do is not for you!

Democrats have always voted for anyone with a “D” after their name and Republicans have always done the same in honor to the letter “R”. Have we at long last seen enough from our elected officials to realize that the time has come to sweep the house clean of all of these parasites and their corrupting ways.

How can they speak of reform when they are financed by lobbyists and special interest groups. How can they even have the gaul to call a committee, an ethics committee when members are themselves under question for individual questionable activities? It’s the same as having Libya, the Sudan or even China as members of a UN council on Human Rights. This simply is insanity!

Have you had enough? Are you truly sick and tired of this Government abusing it’s power, powers given to them by us, to undermine the Constitutional limits to their authority over a free Republic? Have you had enough of the greed and corruption?

In the past, any time an Independent voice has come along that might reflect closer the views of the American public, both parties turn on them, attacking in any way possible the messenger of the people and threatening that a vote for that individual is no more than ” Throwing your Vote away!”, and for decades we have bought it.

What you need to ask yourself is , If you didn’t vote, would it change anything? Would our Government suddenly start to be what it was intended to be?, and if the answer is no, then you are indeed throwing your vote away, by voting for the status quo.

Have you finally had enough? Will you at long last open your ears, eyes and minds to the Independent voices that come not from the party , but from the people, and turn the tables on this “Monolithic Oligarchy” that is our Federal government?

Have you had enough? If you look into your heart and know that we as a Nation and Republic deserve better!, stay tuned. Get Informed!  Get Engaged, and let’s clean the house, drain the swamp and declare war on the corruptive forces within our Government!

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