Now that the Senate Finance Committee has slammed it’s Healthcare “Outline”  through the voting and scoring process,  a full Senate vote and subsequent reconciliation with the existing three plans in the House begins.

I watched in sheer amazement the “exercise in confusion” that was the Finance Committee Debate, where   confusion reigned supreme as members seemed unclear, even as to which amendment they were debating for vote, due to both Sens. Rockerfeller and Schumer having concurrent amendments pushing their version of the public option.

Several times I heard members ask, ” Which one are we discussing now?”  It is apparent that Sen. Bachus’ dream of pushing this through quickly was only adding to the confusion. ( Part of his plan? )

Now, Speaker Pelosi and her den of thieves will try to mix and match their versions with the Senate version and the send this legislation back to CBO for a re-scoring. The benefit here is that CBO will then have actual legislation to work with as opposed to Sen. Bachus’ “Conceptual Proposal”, that they were able to “guess” a cost of $849 Billion to the taxpayers over ten years.

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It is almost a lock that the House bill once completed will add untold Billions to this price tag, as they buy votes via amendment and earmarks, and having the actual language in front of them will assist  the CBO in giving a more accurate price tag, of which I can almost guarantee something in the area of 1.5 Trillion over ten years, and a bevy of new and hidden taxes to the American taxpayer. ( Just guessing! )

The full court press is on, as Congress tries to ram this legislation through as soon as possible, before the coming elections in which they may see the two Democratic Governors lose their challenge, and install a deeper fear within the Bluedog Democrats who are riding the fence, and before the Republican efforts to post legislation for 72 hrs. before voting, catches more ground and possible passage. ( The last thing they need is for the Congress and the People, to actually read this bull and start asking questions.)

This maneuver of “Crisis and Cram” has been used too often as of late, and to no apparent success, so it is time for us to re-gain control over our elected officials. Washington is, as even Speaker Pelosi called it, ” A swamp” filled to the brim with deep corruption that permeates every move of every day.

Congress should be quarantined! =2 0″Nothing in! and Nothing Out!” ( as Mr. Beck says), until we stop and clean our “Congressional” house of most, if not all of the corruptive influence and actions. We as Americans can not trust what is coming out of Washington, so we should temporarily shot off that spigot. Call your Representatives and inform them of this change!

No major legislation or reform activities would proceed any further, instead Congress should immediately take actions to cleanse their committees and membership of these agents of corruption. An attempt at just this was tried on Wednesday, as calls for  Congressman Charlie Rangel to step down form his powerful committee chair position until the never-ending ethics review comes to it’s conclusions as to his questionable and possibly illegal tax fraud allegations.

Between Rangel, and ACORN and the other multiple occurrences of illegality or at best impropriety, Congress’ time could be better spent resetting the “Confidence Clock” with the American public and less time, re-filling their campaign coffers and personal bank accounts.

Nothing In! and Nothing Out!, until the election of 2010, when we the people will have the next chance to send “Our Message” to Washington, and the only thing “in” will be the many new faces voted in to office, and the only thing “out” will be the power mongers who have played around in “Washington’s Sandbox”, untouched by the laws and legislation that  they have  imposed against us, for far too long!

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