It is with disbelief that I even engage upon this column. Reports flourished Friday 2nd, about an idea coming out of the Administration and Congress regarding a “Stimulus Triage” to generate new job growth quickly in order to aid in the labor based facet of our economic woes.

Their plan is to spend another $350 Billion, on top of the some $500 billion still within the ARIP funding,  not scheduled to be spent til until 2011-2012 on more  Congressional ideas and Presidential direction,( It’s  like a Christmas account at the bank for regular people.)

After riding in to office upon a fast horse named “Depression”, scaring the nation and working with Congress to hurriedly pass legislation to shoot quick and targeted stimulus to our labor situation repelling the ”EMINENT DEPRESION! ”, Legislation needed so badly,  it did not require reading nor debate.

“The Economy was job one!, off course this changed after funding was approved and they were quickly onto the other “PENDING NIGHTMARE!”, Cap and Trade. This green legislation designed to create  billions of jobs, as it taxes small and large business, taxes the workers who are losing their jobs due to layoffs and closures of the large businesses, and adds untold hundreds of Billions in  pending allocation after signing.

One other “Crisis” that drew their attention away from the economic football was the “Healthcare Crisis in America!” Sure everyone  around the world who needs quality care and cutting edge technology comes here to America for their healthcare needs.

Congress under Democratic Majority and the Whitehouse felt compelled to take advantage of the fear mentality, and add one further Progressive Ideal onto their plate of Reform, and we all know they cannot “Let a Crisis go to waste!”

Once again, legislation debated on premise and scored using numbers  that come with no more accuracy than what might have been written on the back of  an Armani receipt, is being rushed through on shifting, self imposed deadlines, and only temporarily slowed  by debate when  real information about the bill become public and some in Congress and the American Citizens cry foul!

These cries for clarity are quickly turned down and outvoted and the process of push and shove continues. Healthcare needs some work that is true, but the workers who are not working now, need jobs! Jobs present insurance coverage, better lifestyles and most importantly self-confidence.

A working population also means greater return to the Government as Taxes, to at least slow the Debt Ceiling increases.

Sadly, if attention had remained focused on the economy, and action were taken that would have actually accomplished results as compared to Union and Party Campaign  paybacks,some degree of correction would have occurred my now.

Instead we are now on crisis number 3.5 and the deficit spending and Government Growth continues unabated by anything as irrelevant as public concern and desire for a more detailed debate process. ( What do we know? )

Again, I am not saying I am against doing some things to protect our overall environment, and know that there are problems within our health care system, and our economy after being rode hard and put away wet since the 30’s, needs a boost after the eventual bust, a boost to the shot or the Working Arm!

Before any “Triage Spending ” is allocated on unread and undebated paper, it is time to stop and focus again upon the economy, ( from which all good things flow), by using some of the already indebted, $500 Billion, still unspent or contracted and fueling it directly through the SBA to be used as “Small Business Loan Guarantees” allowing immediate growth, development and mass hirings.

Everyone always says, “2/3rd of all new jobs are created in the private sector by small business”. These numbers are so profoundly strong that their number alone justify the reason and finance behind this enflux of capital into the Small Business arena.

We’ve tried the Government growth techniques, let’s put our energies behind our ingenuity, and we will turn this economic curve, therefore affording us the “security of economy” to consider other forms of massive economic overhaul!

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