Throughout the hot summer month of August, defenders and detractors of the House Plan HR3200 rallied their troops at local community events and even at the Mall in Washington, demonstrating the individual importance of such comprehensive movements concerning healthcare to most if not all Americans.

This battle now has moved to the U.S. Senate, where committees debate and construct their version and ideas for healthcare reform, driven primarily by the harried Sen. Max Bachus head of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, who sees this bill as the “one” that might pass the Senate vote process, or at least muster the 51 votes needed for a suppositorial  ”nuclear option.”

I watched with both amazement and disdain as these committee members volleyed back and forth, grappling to understand the proposed legislation’s “bullet-points”, ( It isn’t actually written yet ), and the cost estimates which remain vague and unclear due to many aspects of this proposal still left totally blank except for a “title”, and the fact  that “proposed savings” cannot be scored by CBO (Congressional Budget Office ).

Confusion reigned supreme as members seemed unclear even as to which amendment they were debating for vote, due to  both Sens. Rockerfeller and Schumer having concurrent amendments pushing their version of the public option. Several times I heard members ask, ” Which one are we discussing now?”  It is apparent that Sen. Bachus’ dream of pushing this through quickly is only adding to the confusion. ( Part of his plan? )

While it is good that both amendments pushing the “Public Option”  were voted out in committee, that does not mean they will not be slipped back in later during reconciliation, ( Nancy Pelosi is firm on this ), there are other activities also occurring during this period which raise concern for any American paying attention.

Republican efforts to mandate a 72 hour period of time for internet posting of the final legislation before a vote is taken, which would allow all citizens and Senators time to actually read the bill have been shot down along party lines.

Sen. Majority leader Harry Reid has wormed the inclusion of a deferment for his home state of Nevada and 3 others from the State Medicaid tax increases that will be required to offset the federal funding ”savings” included in this proposed legislation, forcing all other states to pay extra taxes to cover Nevada and the three others.

Reid stated that he has no shame in bringing home this benefit to Nevada,  a state where his reelection chances are in serious jeopardy. In my opinion, he has no shame period, as he has on one hand espoused the ” Economic Crisis” to force through recent deficit spending bills while on the other earmarking massive amounts of Pork Spending  to Nevada to aid in his campaigning.

Don’t get me wrong, Reid does not stand alone in this, there are only a handful of member of Congress who have not spent money we do not have on things we do not need in order to grease the wheels of pending reelection cycles. If they want to be reelected, why not just do their job?

Why have they chosen to take on all of these sweeping reform legislative actions instead of focusing on the Economy, which was after all why they passed the first 787 Billion Dollar Stimulus package?  Truly, we’ve all have seen how well that has worked.

If Congress and this Administration actually wanted to reform healthcare and “cut costs”, they should focus on a few key items that would likely acquire the desired results. Instead they have chosen to take this opportunity and attempt to completely overhaul an engine that only needs a tune up, giving them the cover to once again grow Government, pass new mandates upon the citizens, raise taxes and funnel profits to their supporters, lobbyists and insider friends. ( Ahh!  Sweet Change! )

Bill Clinton’s campaign stated it very clearly years ago and Congress should remember it because nothing has changed, ” It’s the Economy Stupid!” ( Focus People! Focus! )

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