It appears to me that the influx of issues worthy of column dedication, happen at such an accelerated rate, that it might be good to step back once and awhile an update my readers as to any progress or changes that might have occurred since first publishing my columns. With that in mind, here we go!

ACORN:  Since the recent video driven flurry of activities regarding ACORN funding and possible future investigations, a few key items have happened. Congress has voted on legislation to de-fund ACORN, yet the President has not signed off on it yet. Makes sense when you consider the President only last week reported that he was not aware of ACORN receiving such funding. ( Oh Please! The degree to which they see us all as idiots is insulting.)

There were calls for Congressional hearings on the ACORN matter as well, however Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, refused such hearings, citing we were involved in too many major issues like health and War and Energy to waste time on this matter. ( Of Course, no problem having hearings on baseball players with a pension for steroids.)

Louisiana has thankfully began to vigorously investigate CSI in New Orleans, and I sincerely hope our State Officials follow through and are not reigned in somehow, leaving any of their efforts to appear as only window dressing.

The Birther Movement:  Administration lawyers have successfully postponed further hearings and have at least temporarily blocked the “Discovery” motion, which would facilitate the release of all of President Obama’s documentation to the Claimants in this case and officially putting them into public record. His lawyers not addressing the accuracy of the claims against their client, but merely stating that the claimants were not harmed by Obama’s rise to the Presidency. ( again..  Red Flag )

Healthcare:  Senator Max Baucus has finished his committee’s bill and is attempting to force it through his committee for vote,  without allowing time for other Senators to not only read the bill, but doing this before an accurate cost analysis can be performed.  The Nuclear Option is tossed around effortlessly as the Democrats refuse to “not meet” their self-imposed deadlines at forcing upon the nation another “unread”, unpaid for” and “un-Constitutional takeover of yet another industry, which incidentally amounts to 1/6 of our total economy.

The administration has also engaged in typical Chicago Thug tactics to silence Insurer Humana from informing it’s customers, mostly the elderly, about the particulars of the healthcare reform legislation as it would affect them. No such “Gag” order was imposed on AARP however, as they promoted to their members the proposed Healthcare reform legislation. Can you say systematic un-Constitutional infringement of Free Speech?

Federal Reserve Transparency Act:  This bill, HR1207,  submitted by Rep. Ron Paul and co-sponsored by some 294 co-sponsors, was first sent to committee on Feb.26th 2009, still sits on the committee floor where it has not only “Not” been brought up for consideration, but has remained buried within the pile of other bills being stepped upon daily like our Constitution by Committee Chair Barney Franks, who will literally die before he allows any bill that would force the Federal Reserve to be accountable to the people to see the light of day, much less the President’s desk. ( I mean really, why should we know what they are doing with our money and our economy?)

In conclusion, I can say we have seen minuscule progress, but we must all stay tuned in or else we will once again be fooled by a congress who superficially appears to be acting , only to stall and cease whenever they think we are not engaged any longer. Keep your eyes and ears open America, nothing will really change until we totally change our Congress!

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