In my recent column concerning ACORN and their activities, I charged our elected Officials both Nationally and Statewide to find some backbones and aggresively combat the corruuptive organization. This article was composed on Friday Sept. 11th, as the story based on hidden camera footage were first coming to light.

While my article did not officially release into print until Thursday the 17th, I feel the need to reply to the actions taken by some of those whom I addressed and who did re-act to this situation.

Since writing my column, we have seen Sen. David Vitter and Congressman Charles Boustany work to stem the funding to ACORN and call for further investigations, ( Good Work Gentleman!), and State Attorney General Buddy Caldwell’s office has issued warrants to have the books of CSI in New Orleans opened for revue. ( Nice!)

Although I applaud these actions and other actions currently in progress against ACORN, I still have grave concerns that this organization may endure this scrutiny and persevere.

My concerns stem from the facts that Attorney General Eric Holder has not yet been heard from. It is as if he is as tone deaf to this situation as are Nancy Pelosi, ABC’s Charlie Gibson, ABC , NBC,The New York Times, CNN and many others in the once “mainstream” but now “Fringe” Media.

Other concerns are raised by the unbeleivable votes to continue financial support for ACORN in the senate by Senators Durbin, Burris, Leahy and four other Democrats. ( Hard to give up the Goose that lays the Golden Votes I guess!)

What those who are responding to this travesty must remember is that ACORN is itself part of a large umbrella oranization that contains over 2oo sister entities who all  through CSI share in the wealth of taxpayer fundings and shuttle moneys back and forth between each other. Shutting off one does not kill the flow!

Their efforts to truly reign in the taxpayer funding to these types of organizations who have grown from idealistic to criminalistic entities, will have to be ” comprehensive ” , and we all know that they all know what that word means, they use it daily in their efforts to legislate changes within our lives.

The Administration is itself attempting to seperate  from ACORN,  kind of hard to do when our President has not only performed as their Lawyer and Trainer, but has also paid some $800 to ACORN during his last campaign, first listing these payments as staging and lighting costs, (?), and then having to go back and have their “definition CZAR” change the official declaration to other payment type descriptions. ( Is Charlie Rangel in charge of this re-reporting? )

In fair disclosure I must report that ACORN’s CEO has stated that they will cease all hiring and will begin to perform re-training of their “Frontline” workers, and will also initiate their own investigation into their acitivities. ( Which is the equvilant to Al Capone saying he would start paying his taxes and will have John Dillinger come in and review his whole operation.)

In short, this organization should be gone after under Federal RICO statutes that deal with organized crime, not one penny of taxpayer money should flow in their direction until after such an investigation is completed and ACORN’s coffers should be emptied and refunded to the American taxpayer should such an investigation find criminality.

In addition, our elected officials who have supported and benefitted from ACORN’s activities should see this moment for what it is, we the American People have had our fill of all the corruption that runs rampant within out Government and their allies, and are not taking it anymore!

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