During the Presidential Campaign and even up to his inaugural address, President Obama had repeated his claim to “Change”. The desire he professed for a new way of doing business in Washington, free from the constant partisanship and gridlock that has stalled Congress for decades, enhanced even further by what he described would be “the Most Transparent Administration in History”.

It is now just over eight months into this administration and we see that these promises have turned out to be no more than what he so eloquently described in many campaign speeches as, “Just Words”.

While it would not be fair to lay all of the blame upon the President, Congress has much responsibility to bear for the tumult that we see our republic encased within, it is however fair to hold the man accountable to the promises made which led many to cast their vote for him.

One does not have to look very far, ( if they are willing to open their eyes at all), before seeing where “the rubber of rhetoric meets the road of reality”. During his inaugural speech President Obama launched into irresistible partisan politics admonishing the Republican administration that had proceeded him. (Day one! Minute one! and we are off and running.)

This speech set the tone for all other Democrats that the floodgates were open and their mantra of  ” We Won!” quickly saturated any and all efforts and proposals that followed, having the control of the ”triad of tyranny” we commonly call our Legislative and Executive branches.

We were promised no legislation would pass without first being available for a number of days, allowing the citizens to read what was being passed. The ‘Stimulus”, (what while I stop laughing), package, was forced through almost overnight under the guise of such extreme emergency and “Crisis”. ( My how they love that word)

Transparency has given way to an opague cone of silence. After much difficulty in locating cabinet members who could actually pass even a Democratic majority led Senate confirmation process due to personal corruption, the administration began a barrage of Czar appointments, skirting Congressional oversight in many instances and allowing the President to put into place individuals who share his radical progressive vision of America.

Congress itself , has taken their new found powers of majority and have utilized them very effectively in squashing almost every attempt by the Republicans to have a voice at the table where legislation is written, and have pulled out and used the race card so much that the paper is wearing thin and you can actually see clear through to the other side from the hole they have worn into it.

Anyone who challenges this Administration’s policies are quickly admonished as ‘Racist”. This course of action from our leaders doesn’t take long to trickle down into our society as a whole, where the tension is now palpable.

Racism is a terrible atrocity to any, by any, and the charge should be held back and utilized sparingly and effectively. Unfortunately, we are at a point in time where some see our President as a President, and others who elected him see him as a Black President.

I call upon Mr Obama to take the time during one of his almost daily jaunts upon the airwaves of American media outlets, to stand tall and tell this country to stop!  Stop wearing the badge of racism on their sleeve to the point where no rational objection to policy can be viewed as anything other than racist.

Stop using the charge of racism as a tool of intimidation, designed to silence dissent. Stand up Mr. President and tell your followers in Congress to stop attacking the American people who have issues with your policies and agenda and remind them, that as you all constantly look back upon the last eight years, you should also remember the unadulterated ferocity of attacks, smears levied  upon the Bush administration that only increased the divide that you say you hoped to fill with unity.

In short Mr. President, ”Lead”, and while you’re at it, tell Jimmy Carter to shut his peanut hole.

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