On Sept. 09, 2009 national news broadcasts played hidden camera footage of an encounter within Baltimore and Washington D.C. offices of ACORN. The community organization that has found itself involved in countless charges and convictions relating to voter registration fraud in many states.

ACORN, who’s history of thug tactics and intimidation applied to lending institutions and others, is closely affiliated with through his training and legal representation efforts for the group with now President Barack Obama, who during his 2008 campaign funded ACORN’s activities to the tune of over 800 thousand dollars, with some reported 8 Billion dollars heading their way via the stimulus bill. ( Can you say what the? )

Members and some Officials of ACORN have already been convicted and sentenced in Washington State and  Florida and are facing further trials in Nevada and other states.

This current video expose’ details vividly the attempts of ACORN members to skirt the law and formulate fraudulent and illegal official documentation related to housing loans, tax filings and even international underage prostitution smuggling into the US.

Regardless of the charges that arise, it seems as though any efforts to begin federal hearings and investigation of ACORN run into huge walls of deterrence by our Congress. This is not all too hard to believe when you remember their connection to the President and their activities that focus primarily on getting Democrats elected and re-elected. Fortunately, the Census Bureau has withdrawn ACORN form involvement in the upcoming census of 2010, a good start but only a beginning.

ACORN members were even bussed in to local town halls on healthcare reform to confront the “Astro-Turf of Manufactured Anger,” that the average citizens were bringing to these forums with their ” True Grassroots “  form of support for the President’s plan.

I call for our elected representatives in Washington to not only co-sponsor any attempts to reign in this affront to true democracy called ACORN, but to actually spearhead such an endeavor. Sen. Vitter, Sen. Landrieu are you listening? Congressman Boustany and Melancon, are you paying attention?

We need our elected officials to stand up boldly against this nefarious organization in spite of their high caliber associations.  Do you have the guts to stand up for what is right? This organization still to this day receives millions of taxpayer dollars and is seated at the table where this administration’s agenda is being implemented. Do you have the strength to fight such a huge foe? Or do we need to elect others who still have the “Southern Strength” within them.

One truly shameful aspect of this whole saga is that their main office or clearinghouse for collecting and dispersing organizational funds is located right here in Louisiana.  New Orleans is home to this clearinghouse located at Citizen Services Incorporated,(CSI),and even though our Governor has directed an investigation into their activities, the wheels of justice in this matter seem to grind slower than a donkey driven grind stone.

Having this operation based in our state, a state who’s history of corruption is homeric, only drags further to the bottom our overall evaluation by all other states and fellow Americans. Has nothing changed Louisiana? Are we content to remain the Mecca or deceit and political malfeasance?

While initiating this investigation is a good starting point, I call for our Governor to use all authority at his disposal to resend any operational licensing and Non Profit Organizational permits to CSI and inform them in no uncertain terms, that they are no longer welcome to do their “style of business” here in Louisiana. Tell them Governor Jindal, tell them and “show”  them, that this is no longer the Louisiana of old.

We must all ask ourselves the questions. Are we the same Louisiana that has for decades been the laughing stock of the nation?, or are we finally at a point where we will no longer accept such corruption within our midst?  Will we allow our elected officials to fall in line and look the other way as always before?, or will we demand from them the courage of “Our” convictions to challenge the powers that be?

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