One thing most Americans can usually agree upon is that when discussing Washington and our elected Government officials, as they pontificate and legislate from seemingly pious positions, is that there is far too much Bull coming out of our Congress and the White House.

Even President Obama cited this while on his recent “unscripted” town hall forums on health care reform in Montana and Colorado. ( Insert tongue in cheek here.) But the point was on target and easily relatable to most.

The general consensus appears to be that our elect representatives do not care what we think and will only craft legislation based on the desires of their respective parties and high dollar lobbyists, and that everything we are told and subjected to through their legislation is just that, bull!

Citizens now spend way too much time watching very closely when our Government officials speak trying to figure out which of their two faces they are speaking out of at any given moment and believing neither. I take a different stance on this issue and  feel we do not have enough bull in Washington, and would like to see much more,  however,  a new breed of ” BULL “.

” UNDERSTANDABLE! ” The way these folks in Washington compose  1000 plus page bills for consideration, causes so much confusion and misrepresentation of fact and purpose, that even those voting on them cannot  comprehend what is exactly being proposed. Congressman John Conyers his-self cited the need for two lawyers and two days prerequisite to have even a chance at understanding such a monstrosity of legalese. ” So why read it? ”

Amendments to such monolithic pieces of legislation should be ” REASONABLE! “, there is no common sense  attaching amendments to pay for frog research or the endowment for the arts, to a bill written to fund the budget of our military. These add ons are merely payments granted for individual support of a bill and are in their truest essence nothing  more than a taxpayer funded bribe.

AFFORDABLE! Considering the current and for all reasonable expectations future economic difficulties facing our nation, no bills should be passed unless they are paid for in advance and remain deficit neutral. Clearly paid for!, not cloaked under an assumption of some “ spectral savings ” that will accrue in a best case scenario, but actually paid for through some other budgetary cut. ( This off course will negate many bills, since Congress has no real desire to ever cut any program, thereby shrinking it’s size and reach into our lives and paychecks.)

BELIEVABLE!  Administrations have consistently bemoaned the shadowy conduct of each other and cited their pledge of ” Transparency! “, only to quickly cast this aside as the necessity to cover their own behinds and agendas becomes more important than keeping any such promise to the Americans who trusted them to begin with. It is time for our Government and all of it’s members to ” Say what they Mean! and Mean what they Say! ” If we cannot truly rely on theirwords, how can we ever have faith in their actions.

I do not think I am asking for more than the majority of Americans would like to see from our ” Leaders.”  We must not hope for this alteration, but must demand it.  These bulls,  UNDERSTANDABLE!,  AFFORDABLE!  and BELIEVABLE!, must all come into play before any other BULLS hit!

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