Go to your local DMV and try to get a driver’s license, or seek a Passport from your area Post Office and one thing is a guarantee. You will have to provide “Official Certification of Birth” bearing  the legitimate state seal, proving your US Citizenship, in order to obtain these “Official Government Documents”. It is annoying at times, but is required by law, so we as honest law-abiding citizens ” must and do ” comply.

There is now a growing concern in America as to the ” Legitimacy through Citizenship ” of our recently elected President,  Barack H. Obama II. Concern, heightened by the continued refusal of the Obama Administration to release the official ” long form birth certificate ” which unlike the offered ” Certification of Live Birth “, is Federally recognized as one’s  true birth record and cites the important and required informaton as to the hospital of birth and attending physician, as well as the time, date and parents of record.

While I am not what you might call a conspiracy theorist, I am a realist!, and when I see someone going to extreme measures to not comply with such a basic and “  Constitutionally required ” element of document presentation, even to the point of spending upwards of $2 Million  on lawyers who work endlessly to block any and all attempts to have such documentation released, as well as the apparent Congressional oblivion to the matter, these red flags start going off in my head.

President Obama has to date refused to present a litany of documentation that other elected officials customarily and as a matter of pre-requisite,  release before election day. These include his “Official Certificate of Live Birth”, his school records from Hawaii, Columbia University, Harvard Law School, Articles from the Harvard Law Review and University of Chicago, as well as his Passport, Medical records and  the files from his time as a State Senator from Chicago, and many others. ( Red Flag! )

The people who are alarmed by this unbelievable amount of non-disclosure, and have brought their concerns to the forefront have in true ” Handbook for Radicals ” form, been labeled as “birthers” in an attempt to somehow isolate and discredit, them and their concerns. They are ” Crazies! ” ( Red Flag! )

It is this vast amount of effort and expense, that is being brought to bear in keeping all of these records sealed from public view that only serves to heighten the  interest in this matter and keeps this storyline in the public arena. President Obama, could by releasing this information, forever put to rest any and all doubts as to his legitimacy to hold this office, yet he refuses. ( Red Flag! )

We as a nation have far too many truly important issues that we are facing and debating, to be spending time questioning something that can be answered so easilly with a moment of  “real transparency” and until such time that these records which should be released, are released, will not be able to move forward as a united country.

The question I ask is ”if” we should find that President Obama’s citizenship is somehow invalid to hold this high office, why would so many do all they can to allow such a travesty to continue? Is it that they fear International ridicule or a citizenry revolt, for having allowed something like this to happen in the first place? ( Big Red Flag!)

To me, the real travesty as a Nation would be in looking the other way and allowing such a blatant deception to our Constitution to continue, no matter what the cost. We have looked the other way too many times in our history already, and must realize that as a nation we are strong enough to handle, and must demand the truth!

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