During the recent ” Healthcare Debates ” in Congress, and indeed in our own local communities, many elected officials felt somehow secure in their ability to attack average American Citizens as ” Racists, Mobs, Un-American, Nazis “,  and the list goes on and on. These were statements made in attempt to minimize the effect that such grass roots debate was having on the National scene overall.

It was during one such of these  moments of “Alinskey-esque” tactics that another very obvious matter once again reared it’s head and reaffirmed in my mind the need to address this matter again.

Congressman John Dingle, (D) Michigan, made the statement following one of his heated town hall forums, that he remembered back when he was voting on “Civil Rights Legislation”,  and how there were Ku Klux Klan members and people in sheets demonstrating against it, somehow comparing that situation to, and raising  racism as a motive, within our current healthcare debate. ( Saul would be so proud! )

With this statement, Congressman Dingle exemplified the tragedy that is the ” unfettered political careerism ”  that has hamstrung our society for as long as most, including the aged Dingle can remember. ( and that is quite far! )

In 1955, he stepped in to fill his “father’s” seat in Congress, and has remained there ever since.  1955!  That is over 50 years ago for those of you keeping count, andit is just this kind of unbeleivable entrenchment,  that creates many of the hindrances to the true representative governance guaranteed to all Americans through our Constitution.

Legislators have formulated campaign law to benefit the incumbent and the two-party system, while also receiving untold amounts of payoff from special interests, through their lobbying efforts which fund re-election bids on a continuous basis.

Republicans and Democrats alike revel in and benefit from this shameful display of prostitution, which not only further breeds advantage in election cycles, but also, and primarily drives the special interest behind the legislation they produce and subject the rest of our country to.

Any attempts to “Term Limit” these career politicians, if fortunate enough to even be presented to committee, are quickly dismissed and lay on the committee floor to die. Remember, committee chairs who are responsible for choosing which bills are raised and later move to floor debate are usually “lifers” who do not want to change the status quo for themselves and most assuredly for their party and financiers.

Some say that the election cycles currently in place, are their own form of “Term Limits”, unfortunatly these are the same people who benefit immensely from PAC funding via lobbyists,  travel budgets, the using of available staffers to focus on campaigns instead of pending legislation, and the bully pulpit of public exposure through the media, which is  inherent to sitting members of Congress and the Senate.

If we are ever as a nation, going to have real and honest representation again, instead of this faux representation contrived only when “public”  support is  necessary for re-election, we must once and for all,  install real and true “Term Limit Reform” upon our Nationally elected officials.

The 22nd Amendment of the Constitution mandates a two term limit for our President in order to keep the spectre of tyranny or dictatorship at bay. We should also compel that  same regulation upon our Congress and Senate, those who actually write the laws that effect and many times suppress us all.

Alert!  There is already a movement to repeal the 22nd Amendment, affording a prospective third term for President Obama. This is what Hugo Chavez and many other Dictators that we all seem to despise have done very successfully.

Whether you like him or not, will we allow our Constitution to once again be used against us?  We must demand not only the continued Term Limits of our Presidents, but must also press harder than ever to apply the same type of term limits, void the usual ” House-hopping Loopholes “, to our Senators and Congressional Representatives.

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