Interesting how after members of Congress berated ‘Patriots” as being “Mobs” or “Nazis” full of “manufactured anger”, it was only a short time as they anguished over our presence at town hall forums, before the real “Mobsters” showed up. Members of SEIU and other unions, ( look for the Acorn shirts in future news footage ), are showing up at town hall forums and trying to intimidate average Americans away from our 1st Amendment rights. The masters of this technique are involved now, fully, (Axelrod/Obama/and Emanuel ), so things will be interesting.
The unions are using their influence in Washington more than ever, even attempting to block the progress on green jobs in California by blackmailing contractors into using Union Labor or being forced into indefinite legal battles and costly delays.

The wind and solar farms will now be forced to use Union labor, so just as the car industry we can look forward to overpriced wind and solar energy from companies that will ultimately fail and need a bailout.

and the beat goes on……..

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