As our elected Congressional Representatives and Senators return home to their respective districts for this August vacation, and look for ways to avoid appearing at local town hall meetings, for fear of the “Mob” that awaits them there for open discussion, I have this to say.

Recently, many of you have found various ways to describe those of us who are attending these forums and bringing with us our anger and disillusionment for the policies and legislation that you have been and are considering voting into law.

You have referred to us as “Astro-turf ” movements funded by insurance company lobbyists and right wing extremist organizations. We have been called “Mobs” and “Rabid”, perhaps remnant of the French Revolutionaries. We have been labeled “TeaBaggers” and “Racists” for having the gaul to objecting to this administration’s agenda to “Fundamentally Change America”.

We are in your mind, “Radical Agents” bussed in “Acorn Style”, from outside of our districts “Storming” these forums while being “too well dressed to be legitimate”, and trying to “hurt our President or Change Congress”.

Here are the real facts, something you are probably unfamiliar with, in the beltway of Washington D.C. We are not the types of individuals you have attempted to address and dismiss us as. I can understand your fear of such tactics, having used them to such great effect yourselves for years.

We are in actuality something you should fear even more. We are “Average American Citizens”, who are informed, engaged and enrolled  as registered voters within our respective districts, and who have for far too many years, decades even, sat back and allowed you who are supposed to represent our wishes within this “Republic form of Governance”, to talk to us out of both sides of our face whle you roam the halls of Congress selling your soul, your conscience and your votes to the highest bidder or to partisan party ideologies and grabs for power.

You by your actions, have now aroused the “Silent Majority” to levels unseen in many years, even decades, and that are long over-due. We are watching and listening to everything you do and say, and we are remembering who is doing what and saying which.

The coming election cycle of 2010 will be a very upsetting event for many if not most of you as your promises and earmarked payoffs will fall upon deaf ears. We cannot be purchased, (something you should aspire to!), and will remove those of you have used your elected status to only further you individualand Partisan ideologies and are active participants in this administrations efforts to turn our great country founded in personal freedom and responsibility,  into some Euro-Socialistic-Derivative Society.

Our time has come, and believe you me, “Your time is Over!”

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