I have to admit, when I first heard of the cash for clunkers program, I really thought it was referring to the bonus payment plan for CEO’s who recieved bailout money. My bad!… Turns out it is a replacement through rebate plan for new car purchases. The Government had allocated 1 billion dollars to fund this plan, through November 2009. Unfortunately, only one week into it, they have run out of money and need an additional 4 Billion to make it through November. (Yeah right! Run with me for a moment here.) This cash for clunkers program was just a small program in the larger scheme of running a car business as they are attempting to do, ( with people who have no car experience I might add ) , and at this minimal level they failed to properly forecast the cost. One Week!  Now, (stick with me!), let’s extrapolate this to the auto industry as a whole. Their inability to properly forecast costs of business is a formula for failure at it’s highest level and we should soon see GM going bankrupt again only this time under Government Ownership.

We all know that the Government has never, I repeat never come in at budget, or God forbid under-budget on any program or initiative they have ever considered or implemented. I repeat, Never!, and now these guys are telling us that they can reform healthcare to be deficit neutral, and even save us money.

They project over 1 Trillion dollars over the next ten years as cost of this initiative of reform. However, in keeping with their trend of miscalculations, I would have to expect the real cost to come in some where around 65 – 100 Trillion when all is said and done. ( corruptly speaking of course!)

The people in Government have always kept me fearful and on gaurd, but I got to tell you, the group of headless chickens running around there now, flat out scare the hell out of me.

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