As August vacation begins for our elected officials and they return home for a much needed break after accomplishing nothing while in Washington, let’s welcome them back with open arms and open forums. While many will be taking trips abroad,(funded by the taxpayers), for various fact finding junkets and “International Meetings”, some will also be hosting town hall events in their local districts.

It is at these town hall meeting that we the voting public should take the time and visit with our representative’s and refresh their minds as to who they actually work for, and what our directives of such representation are.

We must during this time while they are in our home court and not within the confines of the bubble that is Washington D.C., make sure that they understand exactly what we demand from them, “Our Employees”. Go to these town hall meetings, make your presence known, (with picket signs in hand),  whenever they are appearing for speeches at various functions, call in to the radio stations whenever they are on- air to further voice our opinions.

We as public citizens have but a short window of opportunity to utilize such access to our representatives, and must make the most of this time to further remind them that we are very aware of what they are doing in Washington, and that we are even more acutely aware that the election cycle of 2010 is growing ever closer and that we will not forget how they respond to our directives.

Remember, one and all, that once they return to the “bubble of bull”, the only ones who will have access to them are their “Party Leadership’, interested only in retention of power, and the “Lobbyists” who grease the wheels in their favor, many times with the moneys we gave their respective special interests in the form of bailout payments.

It is true!, many are using the money we were forced to give them as “bailout” as payments through their lobbying efforts to obtain even more money from us. ( It’s the same as if the guy who broke into your home to rob you, paid you $30 to email him when you plan to be away and leave the door unlocked again ).

Just remember as you query your respective Representatives regarding pending legislation, not to be too specific with details or particulars, we all know they haven’t read the bills they are signing or preparing to sign.

I hope to attend any event in my area and have a few issues I would like to have addressed. Perhaps you might use my questions as somewhat of a guide to help formulate your own.

1. Why don’t these people utilize this month long break to spend a little time and actually read the health care reform bill that they will be debating and voting on in September.

2. Why don’t they place a “NO LOBBYISTS” sign on their office door. We are the only special interests they should have and this representation is already paid for.

3. Are they supporting and prepared to vote for the bill currently working it’s way through committee to require all elected officials to utilize the same health care plan they are attempting to cram down our throats.

4. Will they vow to never vote on any legislation they have not read themselves. “Jists” are unacceptable!

Just understand that as answers are given to these questions, you will require two hearing aids, one for each ear to focus on each of the both sides of their mouths they are undoubtedly speaking from.

Take heed, this will be the last chance we have as citizens and employers to speak to our employees directly before they return to the land of OZ and we will be forced to deal with overloaded switchboards and form letter email responses to our concerns.

We must take advantage of this opportunity to give our input, or else we will have no one to blame but ourselves for the unbridled power grabs and backroom deal-making that will, as always, occur.

They must return to Washington fully aware that their future employment rests directly upon “how” and ” if”  they follow the wishes of those they were sent to represent in the first place.”

Within the confines of this “Republic”, We have the power!, and it is high time we tattoo that  fact into their brains, whether through these local events or at the polls come November 2, 2010.

I personally would prefer a representative with no formal experience, who has good ideas and real leadership qualities, as opposed to one with untold years of experience who has more “party loyalty” than constituency loyalty.

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  • Caldwell says:

    I desire Ron Paul surpasses Obama in 2012 so we can offer real modify.

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