Why is the Federal Reserve holding the TARP money supposedly given to banks to stimulate lending? The banks are being paid interest on the money’s still held by the FED and thereby increasing their bottom lines even further. The TARP funds and Stimulus Package were both to designed and “sold” to the American Public as stop-gaps and stimulus for our declining economy,yet both have done neither. The banks have used the money to buy other banks, build their total nets and sell off toxic assets at inflated prices. The Stimulus has been held back save the 17-18% spent in helping certain states supplement their medicaid deficit, creating no jobs. Now we are in the midst of the debate on healthcare reform, which will no doubt be mismanaged, stolen away through fraud and waste, and just as it’s legislative predecessors, fall tragically short in accomplishing any of the goals it was served up to the public in answer to. The train of corruption and power-grabs rolls on and on. Get on board!!

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