The recent Senate Confirmation hearings for Judge Sonya Sotomayor, have by virtue of her now infamous ” Wise Latina” statement and her summary findings in the “RICCI” case, ( eventually overturned by the Supreme Court ), once again brought the subject of race to the forefront of our collective consciousness.

Having personally watched the hearings and noting that it was not until the questioning by Sen. Lindsay Graham, seventh in turn I believe, in addressing this “Wise Latina” statement, that the statement was actually recalled in it’s entirety including the words ” better than a white man”. I saw all previous Senators raise this issue but fall just short when vocalizing Judge Sotomayor’s statement. Obviously wanting to bring attention to the statement , but not having the testicular fortitude to actually repeat the entire statement. (Kudos to Sen. Graham for that.)

I then realized that these Senators, much like many of us out there, have been so conditioned now to the fear of being called a racist if they, (being white), would ever dare to disagree with, or even refuse an appointment to anyone of color, regardless of facts.  I, like Sen. Graham, do not fear this subject matter. Maybe, because in my heart I know I am not racist, maybe because I just like to push envelopes, alot!, or maybe a little bit of both, either way,  it is obvious the matter deserves much more scrutiny.

We have seen America, “The Melting Pot”, transformed by our Government, our people and our “Ethnic Leaders”, into what now resembles more of a TV dinner tray, with each flavor separated. Initially in our history, some of this separation was Government induced. We did however as a nation, remove these sanctioned separations in exchange for civil rights for all, the problem is , that we as Americans began a trend of self-separation. The simple hyphen (-), has become one of the leading factors in this situation of divisive self-segregation.

As Americans we should indeed honor our individual cultural backgrounds, but we must above all else celebrate our national commonality. I am not a Cajun-American, nor a Caucasian -American, I am an American! By defining ourselves in such separatist ways, we continue age old sentiments, and assist those in our Government who actually benefit from this conflict of cultures.  Ask yourself this, if we are indeed as Rev. King opined, to aspire to be judged by the content of our soul and not  the color of our skin, something I hope we all desire to, then why is it that most if not all applications and official documents require you to answer a question regarding race? Simply put, it is because race relations are big business and big Government.

Certain factions within our Political Parties and “Civil Rights Leadership”, must keep the specter of racism alive and well, in order to maintain their power andpayrolls.  Am I blind to the fact that racism still continues today, no!, but if we are to ever truly rise as a nation above it, we will have to do so as a “Nation” and not as a bunch of hyphenated “Mini-Nations within a Nation”.

Festering within  our very Government, Cities, States and Nationally, we see the procreation of further divide and distance. Just ask any member of the many racially and ethnically based official caucuses and organizations, closed to other ethnicities I might add, and you can see one main root of the continuing problem. Our Government officials, each sworn to adhere to the  Constitution of the United States, find it so easy to segregate and self-label, in order to further their individual racial identities and concerns. I personally find it repugnant, that “any” elected official would be permitted to join such a closed inner-sanctum based on one’s ethnicity or race, when they were indeed  put into these positions by the votes of all of their “various raced constituents”.  I find such arrogance of race offensive in a nation where all are created “equal”, not preferred.

The old adage, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”, may not be fully understood by the common man in this broad context, but do not doubt for a second that those who run this Government, are fully aware that by keeping the status quo of racial and ethnic divides in place, they can prevent “We the People” from ever mounting any serious opposition to, and replacement of, their stranglehold upon this our Republic. By keeping the common man focused on such ethnic and racial differences through specialized affirmative actions and quota concerns, they prevent a “commonality of purpose” from growing into the revolution that is not only authorized by our forefathers in the Constitution and  Declaration of Independence, but is in actuality mandated!  Our founders not only said we had the right to take back our Government when needed, we were directly ordered to, hence the ultimate importance and design of the 2nd Amendment.

I am not calling for such revolution, yet!, but should the time come when such a drastic move is needed, under the oppression of  unbearable tyranny, how will we ever come together, when they have conditioned us to be so proficient at keeping ourselves apart? We will be no more than willing participants in our own subjugation. I really hope Washington and Jefferson aren’t watching on that day.

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