America is in the midst of a sea change of social policy and economic engineering. We must be aware of this and preventative in our actions. Our Government is attempting, and in many ways succeeding in a renewed effort of growth and cost. This happens every 20 years or so and has gone on since our nations beginning. One has only to observe our Constitution and the amendment procedure to understand how certain generational modifications have been implemented to define further it’s various declarations. Let’s overview the genealogy of our amendments to the Constitution themselves and see where the tide changed from the people,s rights being protected, towards fueling Governmental growth and econonic deficit.

Our original Constitution, ratified on Sept. 25, 1789, was revisited quickly  in Sept. of 1791, as our leaders, driven by President George Washington, added the first ten amendments to the constitution, our “Bill of Rights”, primarily to ensure against any desire at misconstruction or abuse of it’s powers. This Bill of Rights, plainly put, was to help the people defend against a government that by nature would seek growth and power over the people, as opposed to power from the people. They would again revise by amendment two more times in 1795 and 1804 to do basic housekeeping relating to election processes of the time, and Judicial powers in suit against the United States. It was Sixty Years later in 1865,  Sixty years before any need of modification returned, and it was the civil war induced post-slavery amendments. Freeing the slaves, declaring no financial return to slave owners for loss of assets and the right of ex-slaves and all persons of color to vote, (except for the non-taxed native Americans.) This period in our history and the changes to our nation as a whole because of it, justify these amendments to accommodate and guarantee that prior rights were all inclusive.

For the next forty years or so, things went along as planned. Government however was big, and in the hands of current progressive administrators, destined for even more growth and social engineering. Big government is expensive. How to pay for it must be legislated accordingly. It was also at this time, under such progressive rule, that amendments, for the first time were restrictive to the people and not the government. Between 1913 and 1919, they were able to give themselves the ability to tax incomes, set up senatorial representation and vacancy filling procedures, and of course made liquor a prohibited substance, answering to the special interests at hand, and simultaneously creating a nation of citizen criminals,  and an illegal and deadly alcohol crime operation ran by violent mobsters. Good Move!  They also at this juncture, with taxes due and a craving for expensive governmental growth, created the federal reserve. Going against Sec. 8 of Article 1 of the constitution which gave power to “our government” to create money,(coin), and regulate the value of it. The Federal Reserve would now make our money. So, if Government needs  a lot of money to pay for it’s growth, it now could borrow the money from the FED, and  pay the accruing interest on such loans, with the money they now had available due to the 16th Amendment which gives the Government the ability to lay income taxes.  Women were benefited by the 19th amendment and given the right to vote in 1920.  A great thing to do, but designed partly, to favor the incumbents who passed such legislation and increase their party loyalty. With the exception of the Women’s Vote legislation, all others manifested during this era were punitive to the people as a whole. Keep in mind, it only took 14 years of Prohibition and it’s overwhelming damage to our nation before this, the 18th amendment would be repealled by the 21st amendment in 1933. (That’s a Mulligan!)

Again it would be 20 years before further amendments were added between 1951 and 1971 the 22nd through 26th amendments were ratified, dealing primarily with Government electoral housekeeping and secessions, except for the 24th and 26th  amendments which dealt with voting rights to citizens who owed taxes and those of the age of 18 respectively.

The last amendment to the Constitution, the 27th amendment, dealing with congressional pay,  was ratified in 1992. Once again, 20 years after the last amending, but in reality 200 years after it was first presented along with another congressional based amendment,and refused entry along with the original “Bill of Rights” ( These guy’s arrogance is only outweighed by their patience.)

The purpose of writing this for me is two-fold. First to clearly show how our Constitution’s amendment process has been used as a tool against the people it is designed to protect, but also to remind one  and all, that it doe not take an amendment of the constitution to harm the people as a whole. Basic, simple legislation,  passed ad nauseum, which further tax our incomes and freedoms have been an ongoing encroachment upon us as citizens. We as I stated at the beginning of this article, are facing renewed efforts to social engineering and governmental growth, which, with the same type of  progressive majority seen in the early 1900’s, are finding little resistance. More power is being legislated for the FED, Our National Debt is skyrocketting, there are efforts being pushed to remove “Presidential Term Limits” clearing the path for Dictatorships, and restrictions on speech are pending. We have to ask ourselves, where do we really want our nation to go, and once restricted further by such pending legislation. Where do we go from  here?

Thomas Jefferson wrote, ” On every question of construction, [let us ] carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the sprit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”

(Bergh, The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, 15:449.)

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