During the Democratic Debates in the last Presidential election, when asked the question if they were “liberals”, Hillary Clinton and others refuted that label, (polling must have shown that the  ”Liberal” title was not popular at the time), and declared that she was instead a “Progressive!”

Many assumed she and others were only using a different label for the same ideology, Not so!  What they were doing, was finally owning up to a different ideology entirely. One with even further far reaching ramifications to our nation as a whole.

Progressivism, is much more akin to socialism at it’s core, in fact, part of it’s strategy, is through the guise of “Crisis”, ( sound familiar?), to require radical “reforms” to the welfare system. By overloading the government’s ability to manage the demand upon the system caused by such increased demands and causing systemic government failure, which could then be “rescued”, (oh look! another crisis!), by their form of government: World Government.

We must think only recently to the many, like Al Gore, who have made statements including the term “Global Governance” or “World Governance” as an end result and cure for what ails us all. Ask yourself, why are there factions within our very supreme court and other courts, which are trying to utilize international precedent in our laws, and not adhering strictly to our constitution as they are sworn to and mandated.

I have never considered myself an “alarmist”, but the way things are going, is quite alarming!  The ready usage of “Crisis” whether financial, health related or any other, by this and past administrations, is causing me to seriously consider the prospect that the movement started by Woodrow Wilson in the early 1900’s, the same movement that brought us the Federal Reserve, prohibition and the income tax, is alive and very well in our nation today.

The President’s own Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel hisself  has stated, “Never let a Crisis go to Waste!”  This mentality, combined with their ability to create crisis, is a recipe for not only installing socialistic policy, it is indeed the centerpiece of a drive to such “world” or “global governance”.

Another prominent Progressive was President Franklin Roosevelt, whose “New Deal” added vast social programs and subsequent national costs to the American society. While noble in many ways in their inception, the unsustainable nature of such programs, follow linearly the “progressive doctrine” of collapsing the system itself.

Just think about how deep in the hole,  medicare  and social security are now and you can see how social plans when mixed in with the innate desire of costly government growth and human greed, over time can and will bring a nation to it’s knees.

Progressives realize, that from Wilson’s Federal Reserve Act, initiation of a Progressive Income Tax and his attempt at internationalism through his failed League of Nations, (a collective America never joined), on through   Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and all the way to Johnson’s “Great Society”, they create an  increased drain upon the Government that they believe will cause it’s collapse, justifying the need for them, (Progressives), to step in and fill this vacancy with their form of World Government.

It is further their belief, that they already have, visa-vie the many social programs,  an army of liberal activist, already on the payroll to be their foot-soldiers. They have, since the early 1900’s,  been slowly conditioning our nation and positioning themselves to pull off this ”socialistic global revolution” upon our nation.

America separated from the world 233 years ago for a reason. We were not going to be dictated to and “Lorded” over by any other Continent or country. Through our Capitalistic Republic, based on government power derived from the people, individual rights and responsibility,  we have become the lone “Super Power” in the world, with a quality of life, personal freedoms and  health care system that are the envy of peoples everywhere.

We must remain constantly vigilant in our protection of this Nation and acutely aware that there are many,within our government itself,  who desire to take us down this path to internationalism.

I, unlike President Obama, am not a “Citizen of the World”.  I am a citizen of the United States of America!, and will do all I can to keep her alive and well.

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