For decades, ( 76 years actually ),  a cross has stood in memoriam to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in the Mohave Desert. This tribute which has recently been encased in plywood as the legal case against it worked it’s way through the court system all the way to the Supreme Court, where it’s ability to stand uncovered again was upheld.

This case against the memorial cross was brought by an individual who felt somehow offended by it’s presence amongst the gila monsters and tumbleweeds as somehow a Government Sanction Religion. Citing separation of church and state as a reason to take it down.

Today, now that it has once again been freed to be viewed by the hundred or so individuals that might actually drive down this long stretch of desert highway, we find that it has been stolen.  Chopped down and stolen.

I am sure the administration will come out and immediately cite that this is a lone wolf event. ( They have been doing that alot lately, don’t you think? )  Perhaps, the New York Times will place this upon the backs of the Tea Party Movement. OR as somehow being racially motivated.

Either way, this is an unabashed affront against every Veteran who has served this country and every citizen as well.  While I doubt not the political ideology that fostered this “liberal” act, One can only wonder if this is not just another visual display of the lack of respect given to other’s “Rights” in deferment to one’s own. What have we become?

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