This week, Mexican President Caldaron made his big trip to Washington to meet with President Obama. This official “State” visit was full of the typical pomp and circumstance associated with such high level visits,  the various “press conferences ( with no real questions asked of course ), Photo ops, ( we’re still waiting for any photographic proof that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu even visited Mr. Obama earlier this year. ), and even a speech given before a full joint session of Congress.

From the very first moment, President Caldaron continued his oratory of disdain for the new Immigration law voted on and signed into law by the people of  Arizona. The nation watched as this disgraceful duet of disconnect  was performed by the two Presidents, both following the trend of misrepresentation and declaring the law to be racist in either intent or application and both having most likely still not taken the time to actually read it. ( Of course I think Obama has seen the cliff notes, or perhaps he’s waiting on the “Movie”,  I’m not sure. )

The foul taste in my mouth flourished to a breaking point when during this joint session of Congress, I watched in “National Shame” as the Majority of those seated at this event raised to their feet in standing ovation as the President of Mexico once again berated this new law in Arizona as racist. They stood and cheered as if it was another partisanship filled state of the union address.

Not one had the strength of character or cohunes to stand and walk out of this anti-American rally being held within the well of our own legislative institution. Well over 60% stood  and cheered as our Country was called racist to our faces. Talk about your “Patriotic Disconnect”, or is it more a simple matter of “Dis-interest?”

Not too hard to believe,  when you consider recent polling show that some 84% of all Americans believe that it is proper to ask for some form of proof showing a legal status to be here in America. 84% !  It is as if only Congress, the President, his administration, the illegals themselves, and a few individuals who have not only drank the kool-aid, but may have actually overdosed on the crap, are against the enforcement of existing Federal Immigration Laws.

If this incident was a rarity, a once in a lifetime event, it would be disheartening enough, but when you take this overt and aggressive attack from within,  against our Nation, by our own Congress and President, and toss it upon the pile of instances where we have seen America being apologized for and disrespected both here and abroad by seemingly everyone associated with this administration, it causes the blood to boil.

What we have been witnessing is the systematic deconstruction of America’s foundations, traditions, reputation of strength, and independence, by our own Government. The attempted culmination of a plan set forth in the early 1900’s which has festered beneath the surface, finding new vim and vigor now in the guise of a President who’s alliances to Marxist or Socialist ideals supercede any allegiance to the Constitution and the Nation he has sworn to defend and uphold.

Just take a look around at the various ways our Nation’s very fabric is being retooled to facilitate the “ends” that these Progressive individuals desire. ( You don’t have to look far! )

We have seen just since the inauguration of President Obama, this administration and Congress work in partisan zeal to take over the auto industry, pass healthcare legislation that overhauls to detriment the greatest healthcare system on earth, increase the indoctrination of our children through historical rewrites and ethnic studies classes designed to vilify white America and our nations entire history, just to name a few.

Further ongoing efforts to “Globalize” America can be seen in the pending Cap and Tax legislation, ( once Climate reform, now “The American Power Act” ),  continued placement within our Supreme Court, the last bastion of defense for our Constitution, of individuals who defer to international law as basis for decisions made as opposed to their traditional and primary job of ensuring that all laws passed  meet Constitutional adherence, and the list goes on.

One of the prime duties of our Government is to protect and defend our National Sovereignty visa-vie our border security, yet this administration, ( and all of those since the late 1970’s ), have refused to address this ever increasing National Security issue. Is it any wonder that Americans have had enough are are sending incumbents home packing at every juncture?

Don’t doubt for a second that those in Government don’t see the writing on the wall. That is why they are giving a full court press and trying to rush through before November, more and more of their ill-conceived agenda items. While simultaneously, deferring until after November certain other aspects of their agenda that are so aggregious that attempting them now would almost certainly guarantee the completion of the Congressional cleansing process initiated by the American voter so far.

In a recent article written for, ( search “Lafayette Conservative Examiner” ), I compared the force applied by this Administration in imposing their agenda upon America, to the avalanche-like rolling wave of hot ash and molten rock that forms and flows down the sides of an erupting volcano. This Pyroclastic Flow as it is called, is what many vulcanologists and archaeologists believe may have been the cause for the people of Pompeii appearing to have been frozen in place. Frozen by Fire!

Will we too be frozen in place as our liberties, freedoms and our very Country are swept away in this tide of Progressivism and movement towards a “One World Governance?” The battle lines have been drawn. The first shots have been fired in recent elections, but the war for our continued Independence has only just started. It is time now to choose sides America! To stand for America and the Freedom based in a Republic form of Democracy, or, to surrender all self-reliance and self-respect in exchange for the insecure-security of Government dependency and control.

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