Those of us having grown up or for some time have been living in Lafayette and Louisiana in general, have a very special attachment to our great State, and to this area called Acadiana. We hold a special pride in our label as “the Sportsman Paradise”, a name derived from the natural beauty and natural resources which abound here, and to which we hold near historic Native-American reverence to, as we and the land are one.

      It is within this context however, that if we are to truly assemble a compilation of those to blame for the current and tragic events forming in our Gulf and along our shores, we must recognize realistically and without political prejudices “all” those who are complicit in what has happened, but also, in what scenarios have led to such an occurrence in the first place.
     We have seen all parties of apparent responsibility, feverishly pointing the finger of blame in the opposite direction from self, attempting to shield themselves from the bad publicity which is a natural side effect of just such a disaster. This list of entities of blame is long.
     MMS, (the Minerals Management Service ), the supposed regulators of off-shore drilling in America, are no more than bureaucrats, many from within the same industry they regulate, who as bureaucrats tend to do, have allowed greed and corruption to taint their dept. and responsibilities by “laying down”,( literally even! in some instances), with the industry they are tasked to regulate. By not adhering to the “regulations” they are there to enforce, they share a piece of this blame pie.
     BP,(British Petroleum), as a major player in the oil industry, is nothing more than a business. A very, very large business, but a business all the same, and within that structure, they must produce revenues, and will seek out any shortcut or political alliance that will lead to that end. Is it right? Is it wrong? You decide for yourself, but only a fool would not recognize that this is and has been for all time the nature of the relationship between Industry and the Government Bureaucracies that are assigned to regulate them. Greed and Corruption were married a long time ago.
        The Obama administration, chastised publicly for an apparent disconnect or lack of interest initially, has recently come out against BP and the oil industry in total, firmly placing the mantle of responsibility, (at least financially), upon their shoulders. Acknowledging the troubles at MMS, but continuing to point the finger of inheritance towards the Bush, or even Reagan administrations.
     Apparently oblivious to the fact  that they have been in office for well over a year, and are themselves responsible for the continuance of any Bureaucratic Adultery between regulators and the regulated. At some point you must take the mantle of responsibility for what happens on your watch!
      Mr. Obama has in all fairness began to accept some “limited” responsibility for the reaction to the Oilspill, while simultaneously continuing to both protect and admonish BP for their failure to produce a satisfactory outcome on stopping the gulf gusher.It is our Governor, Bobby Jindal however, , who is the only official truly keeping all feet on the fire as he pleads for help, less obstruction and some cohesive National level leadership in this disaster of such large scale.
     The fickled finger of blame is developing joint disease as it is being tossed about. One particular player, of huge government import and lobby, that is not being mentioned too much so far in all of this, yet who by the nature of their efforts are perhaps the most culpable for this situation ever having arisen in the first place, are the “Environmentalists”.
      Whether official agencies like the EPA, or any one of the multitudes of rabid organizations, who have placed their desires for a pristine world, above those of our nation’s best interest, and who have in so doing, forced our “Energy Producing Industries, so far off of land, and offshore, as to place the act of acquiring our much needed natural resources in areas where even attempting to cleanup any such accidental spills are near impossible, due to depth of drilling mandated by their refusal to allow safer and closer to shore drilling activities.
     Instead of opening up our resources for usage, Our Government at the behest of their “Global Warming” constituency and the associated Environmental Jihadists, is now trying to seal off even more public land from use, land that is saturated with American energy resources.This environmental movement is no more than the ACLU. An entity who’s inception was sound, but which has morphed into a fanatical wing of unrealistic ideology. a religion of sorts, whose followers can be as fanatical and unyielding as any terrorist group.
     Before we can take these “environmentalists” serious, we must ask ourselves, when was the last Nuclear Energy Plant built? When was the last Refinery built? Why are so much of our prime energy resources, on land!, the easiest to obtain and protect from accidental exposures, being sealed off from usage, forcing the more hazardous deep well drilling we are currently trying to incorporate?
     We here in Louisiana are deeply tied to our land. We and the land are one and we have no desire to disrespect her. But, we are also realists, who know that certain resources must be tapped for mankind’s usage, and that these can be obtained readily and safely as long as the safest areas to do so, are not closed off by a misguided ideology turned religion.
     America has the energy resources we need to bridge the transition to alternatives, and the ability to do so with minimal risk or even overt appearance to the landscape. All we really need is the strong leadership that it will take to make us more energy dependent and nationally secure….. Maybe next time!

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