Last week, on June 1st was the official beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane season. The time of the year that many of us, ( those with any common sense ), begin to make the mental and sometimes physical preparations for the kind of wrath of nature that we have all become far too familiar with.
     The National Weather Service, has already published their forecasts for this season, and are themselves preparing for a very active season.
Last years predictions were very similar, and we all know that it turned out to be a very moderate season for us here in Louisiana.,thankfully!, but we here know, that the one thing certain about hurricanes, is that “you never know”. So we make our preparations.
     Some say there is possibly another type  of storm brewing as well, and I truly hope that we are making similar preparations for that one. The storm I speak of is the economic downfall of our national economy, and with this kind of storm the same applies, ” You never know! “
     America is currently following the model of Europe and Canada in many ways,  and is steadily steering down the path of unbridled spending and borrowing against our future, in order to fund the “fundamental transformation” that was promised by our recently elected President, and their “spend your way out of any problem” mentality.
     It seems that every day we are told how bad our unemployment rate is Nationally and something must be done now! Yet in the very next breath we are told that a new massive spending is called for in order to reform this or reform that due to a “Crisis”. Their policies have had one result, only the Government has seen any real growth in employment numbers. The Census alone has hired 500,000 temporary workers, (or at least that is what they try to juggle the numbers to say.)
     That’s right, they will claim big success over dubious numbers, of temporary workers, who will most likely be unemployed again very shortly and in need of further assistance, ironically, a situation that draws even more tax dollars on both ends of the equation, while creating nothing.
     Are you prepared for the dramatic change that will occur if what we see happening in Greece, begins to happen here?  Do you think our Unions will be less violent when their cuts come-a-calling?  Many states are at critical mass and would file bankruptcy, if a state could. California is a prime example, of a state who’s budgetary demands and entitlement responsibilities, coupled with a very un-business friendly tax structure, has brought itself to the brink of financial disaster and total default.
     With that in mind, do they do the things that must be done to solve this? Do they do something as simple as maybe to reverse their ban on offshore drilling, a move that would create untold jobs and new tax revenues? Or, do they instead formulate ideological based boycotts against Arizona, for trying to actually solve a dire public safety situation, and ease it’s budgetary effects upon their state at the same time.
     Are you ready for the kind of drastic change in lifestyle that will occur “if and when” our nations suicidal spending agendas finally do bring it all crashing down around you? Have you considered what you would do? Do you know how to hunt?  Does your spouse and kids?  Can you fish? Make candles?  Sew?  Cook over a fire? ….Could you kill? 
     What those of us experienced in Boy Scouts as fun, may very well be the future quality of life we must all endure. Sure anyone can do it for a weekend, but are you prepared to do it for years, or a lifetime?
     I am not trying to be an alarmist. I am not trying to scare you or your family into scampering off to the safe confines of a bunker somewhere in St. Martinville. It is just that as an ex-boy scout, who remembers the motto ” Be Prepared!”, I am only asking you. if you have at least considered what would “YOU” do, if the other shoe drops really hard.
      Have you ever just sat and considered such a worst case scenario? How would you fend for, and defend your family? Who could you trust to bring into the micro-community, that you would have to form in order to survive?  Would you survive?
     The point made here is simple. We know the potential of a hurricane, so we mentally, and at the right time, physically prepare for it. 
We here are also creatively intelligent enough to envision the impact of a total collapse of our economy and society, ( if not, watch Mad Max) , and it is prudent as leaders and protectors of our families, that we at “least” mentally prepare for such an occurrence.
     This societal collapse may never happen, and that would be the answer to many prayers. But, considering the fragile and volatile nature of the entire world at this juncture, and the dangerous financial path our current Adminsitration and Congress are taking, I would not want to be standing there watching, unprepared and lost, as the walls of protection that our society offers come crumbling down around us.
     So I ask again, since “you never know!”, Are you Prepared?

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