The recent enactment of a new State Immigration law in Arizona, has added new fuel to the ever burning fire of “Immigration Reform Debate”, which is itself a misnomer. We are not discussing Immigration Reform, which would entail fine tuning the process that would heighten the efficiency of the process. What we are really talking about is the unavoidable question of how do we deal with the overwhelming and ever-increasing situation of “Illegal Immigration” into our County, by those who would have the very first act they perform within our borders be that of breaking our laws.

Many in the Media, and those showcased by our media outlets, are raging against this new State Law as some sort of Racially Motivated Event. ( Not too hard to imagine when we consider how these same people have almost systematically labeled any and all action or debate in contrast to this Administration’s agenda, as somehow being Racially motivated. The Race Card has been replaced by the Race Deck! )

Other states are now calling for boycotts of Arizona as punishment for this attempt by the State to do the job that the Federal Government has always given lip service to, yet never effectively addressed. Even one State Congressman in Arizona is calling for a boycott against his own state and indeed the very people who he is supposed to represent, in protest. ( Once again we see the part of the oath of office dealing with supporting and defending the Constitutions of Nation and State being tossed to the wayside in favor of special interests or outside loyalties.)

The President has also come out against this legislation, ( big shock there! ), once again utilizing an event to further divide the population and rally his political base, trying to increase his support amongst Latinos both those here legally and those that are soon to be legalized through Amnesty if they get their way. This action is purely political theatre designed to bolster Democratic voter numbers and help increase their chances at retaining power indefinitely.

The protest rallies in Arizona did not take long to turn violent as those who have already shown no respect for our laws, quickly saw fit to break further laws by attacking opposition protestors and even Police. I saw no such events of violence at the much maligned Tea Party Protests, nor police forced to wear riot gear in order to protect themselves. ( Except for the recent and timely occurrence in Quincy,IN  where local police did indeed call out the SWAT team to protect President Obama from the protesting Tea Party members. Overkill? Or was the President really feeling threatened by Grandma and her American flag? )

What I also haven’t seen is Nancy Pelosi and all those others who saw fit to disparage American Tea Party Protestors, come to the microphones and speak out against this “real” violence being perpetrated by their base. Why is she not now coming out against the Swastikas in refried beans drawn on the State Capital, or the call to “Burn it down” written on the sidewalks. ( What no teary-eyed remembrances of Harvey Milk for this one Nancy? )

One fact seemingly ignored by all of these race baiting, pro-illegal politicians and open border advocates, is a recent poll showing that 60% of Americans, ( That’s right Americans! ), agree with and are in favor of laws like the on just passed in Arizona. But of course, just like the overwhelming opposition to Healthcare reform, the opinion of Americans is of no importance, for it does not suit their Agenda. ( I bet they lay awake each night praying that we will somehow revert back to our past position as a “Silent Majority”….Not Likely Barry! )

I am further amazed at the sheer volume of “illegal alien defenders” both here in our Country and those with some “Celebrity status” who are being trotted out by the National Media, to show their opposition to this attempt by Arizona to protect their “citizens” and border. Why do they not showcase the “Legal Immigrants” who have come to America the proper way and are against such Illegal alien activity. Are their none out there?, Or would showing that sentiment to the nation be counterproductive to their Open Border Agenda.

Just since President Reagan, we have seen each and every administration, or those running for high office, detail the “Need” to protect and secure our borders, Yet it remains porous and increasingly violent.  Does the term “Lieing through their teeth” mean anything to you?  Border Security is a hot button issue for most Americans, so they placate our desires by promising action,  Action that never happens.

I not only agree with the Arizona Law, I feel that it should be the law of the land. ( Oh Wait!.. It already is!  It’s just not being enforced. ) And before anyone tries to cast a label of Racist upon me, understand this, If we were being invaded annually by millions of people form Canada, I would want that border closed as well and as vigorously. This is not a race issue. This is a National Security Issue, and our Government is remaining derelict in their sworn oath and duty to protect our citizens and sovereignty by being AWOL on this matter.

Everyone knows that America is now at a point in time, where we need to get our “House in Order” or we will soon see this Republic fail. It is just impossible to get your house in order when your neighbors come running through your kitchen and living room at will. What would you do if unwanted visitors randomly came running through your home?  Lock your door? Or do you instead, hand them a bottle of water, the money in your wallet,  and a pork chop sandwich as they vault over your ottoman?

In addition, As we now see many individuals and indeed even Officials form other states protesting and calling for boycotts of Arizona, I say we who value our sovereignty and laws should in turn boycott any who boycott Arizona. With over 60% of Americans agreeing with this new law in Arizona, I do not doubt that our reverse boycott would help silence these non-affected entities and individuals from “piling on” the Citizens of Arizona who only want what each of us want. A safe home in which to live and raise our children.

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