One week ago, America watched as an “Oval Office” address, concerning the Oil spill disaster in Louisiana and the other Gulf States, was given by President Carter. ( correction –  I mean Obama!  or is it Carter?  I get confused these days. )

     This address was nothing more than another episode of the old “Bait and Switch” by President Obama, America’s “Con-mander in Chief”, as he began with a vague and uninspired assault against BP, filled with generalizations and void of real specifics as to how to protect our coastlines,  only to quickly pivot and launch into a renewed push for his “Cap and Trade Energy/Climate Reform Legislation”.
     Perceptionally, many viewed this as perhaps his one truest moment of much regaled  “transparency”, as they were able to “see through him”, and his relentless drive to pass this additional exercise in Taxation, Regulation and Government growth hurriedly, before the inevitable change in Congress coming this November. A change that will no doubt see his majorities weakened, if not removed all together.
     Remember, there is still no budget for this year yet in Congress, and it’s June!  Congress however, unhindered by such constraints, is repeatedly passing new “spending bills” or “Jobs bills”, ( yeah, I laughed too as I wrote it. ), furthering our dive into the abyss of deficit spending. The fence construction on our Southern border has been suspended as the Administration at various levels and agency, have cast the racist specter upon any who desire the National Border Security that they are Constitutionally bound to provide, and fail to do.
     At every turn, this President and Congress seem determined to advance their ideological agenda, not only in disregard to the will of the American people, but in spite of it! The Progressive agenda will be forced upon us in any way possible, they see this as “their time” and will do all they can to install these ideals before the window of opportunity closes in on them. ( and it is closing fast! )
     One thing that is becoming even more apparent to many Americans, is the Anti-private sector mentality this President and his Administration have towards Small business and indeed Capitalism in general. It seems like every move they make hinders growth and new job creation, all the while touting how “Jobs are their most important agenda”. This is true, If you desire a temporary job with the Census, that can be counted three times in a single quarter to pad Job statistics reports, or if you plan to work at one of their new regulatory agencies.
The private sector creates the wealth of new jobs in America, or at least historically, and this administration, as it continues to see those who make over $250,000, many the very small businesses set to create new jobs, as their own private deep water well, ripe for the pumping of new tax revenues and regulation, is slowly killing the private sector goose that lays the golden eggs of economic stability.
A method of operation that not only installs an unease which  freezes small business from making the kind of expansions and advancements that do create jobs, but also which creates the opportunity for Government to step in, take over, regulate, and grow even further as new “Government jobs”  are the only area of significant job growth.
The Presidents refuses to address in a focused manner, both the damage and pending generational effect of such damage, upon the Gulf Coast states, as he appears primarily driven to utilize the angst over this spill to drive his energy/climate agenda home. ” Never let a crisis go to waste”, a statement that at this point is likely printed on administration business cards.
Something all must consider before we let even an iota of this energy/climate control/carbon exchange legislation to  advance any further, in what is a convoluted monstrosity of incomprehensible legalese and “wishful” mis-calculations, is the continued trickle of “New” and adverse information coming out almost daily, in regards to the already passed, first round of such over-reaching reform legislation called “Healthcare Reform”. 
Mr. Obama’s pledge, the one that sold many “fence-riders” on healthcare reform, that “they would not lose or have to change their coverage”, has now been exposed as incorrect at best, or administrative fraud at worst. Well, unless you are in a Union …and then it’s all GOOD!  But for some 60% of American workers who will according to new projections,  lose their current coverage within the next three years, all is not so good!
The energy/climate legislation being pushed, will also be so “comprehensive” that any real benefits will be lost in a maze of ideologically driven mumbo-jumbo, disguised as reform, but which in is reality, no different a misrepresentation of facts than those once used to sell “Hitler’s Diaries” or create the myth of the “Tasaday Tribe in the Philippines”. ( Both, the biggest frauds of the 20th Century ) 
The Obama administration, in what will assuredly be a single term Presidency, will,  when all was said and done, remain the owners of a legacy in which they will be seen as no more than just another shell game of Government greed and corruption with a slight Chicago flair.
The only question will be, since it has occurred so early in this the 21st. century, will it retain it’s new title as the most inept, corrupt and increasingly fraudulent Administration, over the next 90 years?  For all our sakes, we can only hope so. Four years of this, out of a hundered, are enough.

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