New reports coming in now that the Department of Health and Human Resources’ Actuaries, compiled a report which concluded the huge increase of healthcare costs to follow the implementation of the recently passed healthcare Reform..This report was made before the VOTE on healthcare, yet was locked down and covered up so as not to enfluence votes.  Just another example of our government lieing to the American public in order to further their own agenda. Pitting us against each other in any way possible to distract us from their ultimate plan. How much more proof do we need that this Administration is using every dirty trick in the book to further their destructive Agenda. Each and every day we find new ways in which they are destroying the very fiber of this country.   Change you can believe in? Transparency?  Integrity?  Honesty?  I say… Tyranny through Deception!  and hope that the rest of America finally wakes up, opens their eyes and realize that Our Country is under assault from within.  Stand up!  Speak out!!  or accept the end of this Republic and open your arms wide to embrace the coming World Goverment that these actions taken in Washington are leading to.  It’s not a right or left issue my firends.. it is a right or wrong issue!  What great SHAME upon all of us if we allow this to proceed any further! I  HAVE HAD ENUF!

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