President Obama has just recently, in a “recess appointment”, placed Don Berwick as the new head of Medicare and Medicaid, tasking him with the job of implementing Healthcare Reform. The same Healthcare reform law,  which was forced through against the wishes of the American Citizens in majority,  and is still facing a threat of repeal by Republicans, should they take back the Congress later this year.

This recess appointment has drawn much comment as the President seemed to plot his move carefully, timing it during this short holiday recess,and circumventing all aspects of the “Advise and Consent” structure of Congress as commanded within our Constitution.
This act by Mr. Obama is more akin to what one might expect to come from testimony in the Blago Trials currently being held in Chicago, and is a direct slap to the face of the American People to whom Mr. Obama seems indifferent and dismissive, as he continues to find ways to force further architects of his agenda upon us with as little scrutiny as possible.
Even Sen. Max Baucus  (D ), who himself chairs the Senate Finance Committee which would have held such hearings, is repudiating the Administration for failing to follow the process as outlined in the Constitution and allowing for the questioning of his appointee candidate.
Not only will Mr. Berwick, a Marxist and strong proponent of European styled healthcare, rationing and redistribution of wealth through healthcare,  not face any questioning, he also, had never even filled out the basic questionnaire given in advance of such a committee hearing, which in itself speaks to this deception of Mr. Obama being pre-determined and laying in wait for the 4th of July.
Many speculate that this course of action was taken so that the Obama Administration would not have many facets of his embattled healthcare plan revisited again in public hearings, causing not only a rekindling of much of the anger and debate leftover since it’s original passing, but possibly adding new fuel to the fire of repeal as newly reported misrepresentations and huge projected deficits, ( $350 Billion and climbing), associated with healthcare reform would certainly be brought to light.
Of course, we hear each time this is brought up, how all Presidents and most assuredly President George Bush, have made recess appointments before, but this typical finger pointing and rationalization does not justify this to the American People, who see this act as just another from an administration which appears hellbent on ignoring not only the will of the people, but the confines and restrictions of our Constitution, at any cost.
An administration which sees Border Security and National Security as political tools, to be used only in concert within the implementation of their amnesty agenda, A gift to the millions of illegal aliens still in America, and an emotional ploy to solidify their Hispanic voting base in time for the November mid-term elections.
An administration which goes against the judgment of State Courts in Louisiana, still trying to force their Cap and Trade agenda, and install their moratorium on drilling, which will only add further job loss and economic hardship to a region who’s coastlines are being covered by oil spewing from a deepwater mess, of their and their rabid environmentalist allies’ creation.
The same administration who’s Department of Justice, is now under scrutiny for dropping a voter’s rights case against the “New Black Panthers” on apparent grounds of racial politic,s and which appears to be following a trend of reverse discrimination in not adjudicating any case of voter rights issues whereas the defendants are black and the victims are white, but who will gladly sue Arizona over their new Federally mirroring immigration law, all the while ignoring the “Sanctuary Cities” which blatantly refuse to follow federal laws on immigration.
The Obama administration, which promised to go over the budget with a fine tooth comb, yet has allowed his Democratic Majority Congress to continue to fail in offering a budget. A tactic borne from obvious fear of the repercussions that the deficit spending in this budget would cause to their ongoing re-election campaigns. All the while spending like drunken sailors and seeking multiple new taxation in backroom commission meetings.
A budget that is so feared should it see the light of day, that they actually are trying to get it through “under the radar” by hiding it to another bill and simply “deeming it as passed!”. The same “Deemed as Passed” technique they considered using to pass healthcare, until they were surprisingly able to “buy”  the votes needed to put them over the top.
This Obama Administration, who tells the new Head of NASA that his primary focus is to make “Muslims” around the world feel better about their contributions to Math and Sciences. This, as we now are merely customers and have to pay Russia for a ride to the Space Station that we primarily built.
The very administration who begins this “Summer of Recovery ” tour touting the great success of the stimulus bill to crowds of growing numbers of the unemployed, as average weekly first time filings for unemployment still top 456,000 each and every week, the housing market still falls, and the only place that seems to be growing in our economy is “Government”.

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