While most of the media in America are actively discussing the recently publicized “ethical challenges” ( Crimes), of Congressman Charlie Rangel D (NY), it is a fair statement I believe, to say that the vast majority of Americans are not only “not” surprised by this, but, see it as just another candle on the big “Cake of Corruption” that is our Federal Government in Washington D.C.

Six years ago, Speaker Nancy Pelosi D (CA) began her tenure as Speaker by claiming that under Democrat control, they would “Drain the Swamp!” of corruption within the halls of Congress. A quick youtube check verifies that she was actually able to somehow say this with a straight face.
Congressman Rangel has been charged by the ethics committee with some 13 different violations, and his refusal to formulate a deal with Congress, now forces and schedules a public hearing to air his Congressional trial. A public hearing that Ms. Pelosi, Sen. Reid and every Democrat running for re-election fears and avoids like the plague when questioned about it.
The Republicans including Majority Leader John Boeyner are leveraging their support against this backdrop, reminding the Speaker of her previous call to a swamp draining, and touting this new occurrence as yet another example of her failure to do so. The Republicans however, must beware!
Yes, the American citizens are furious over this obvious case of “Privilege by Position” that Mr. Rangel is being charged with, and yes we are enraged by an administration that many of us see as the epitome of Socialistic transformation, which not only ignores the will of the people, but conversely attacks  “We the People” as being Un-American for not following along in lockstep to their designs and efforts for massive Government expansion and control upon us and every aspect of our lives.
We cannot rationally understand how our Government can hold hostage our National Security and Border Control, ( Their Constitutional Duties! ), in exchange for what is their prime goal of Amnesty, (by whatever name you call it), for the multitudes of new Hispanic (Democratic) voters they see coming down the pike. Even once again attempting to circumvent Congress to get it done, by utilizing “Discretionary Authority” via Regulatory changes within the office of Citizenship and Immigration Services. ( Send your thanks to Regulatory Czar Cass Sustein.)
Americans of every stripe who see a Government who has never seen a taxpayer’s dollar that they were not eager and willing to spend or borrow against, in pursuit of various ideological goals or agenda items. All the while getting our daily doses of “lip-service” about how Job Creation and Economic Stability are their number one priorities.(In the words of the WHO..We won’t be fooled again! )
The Democrats are indeed running scared.( as they should! ) They see the writing on the wall that confirms in their minds an imminent and huge reversal in the power structure of Washington. The Republicans are near whimsical as they also see the writing on said wall, and feel that the momentum is highly in their favor to take back Congress and perhaps a large portion of the Senate, once again replacing some balance of power in Washington.
The writing is indeed prevalent on this “great wall of American Opinion”, but I believe both parties,  while correctly reading the words, are as equally wrong in their interpretation of the language.
What “We the People” are really saying, is that we have “Had enough!” We are truly sick and tired of the decades of watching many of these people shirk their Constitutional duties, divide and stack us against each other for their individual and Party benefit, and engaging in endless acts of corruption, both those reported and the overwhelming majority which we never hear about.
We have had enough, and are willing to take a chance at this juncture on a massive renewal of occupancy in Washington, giving relative novices an opportunity, rather than to give these career criminals even one more chance to ply their ample skills of deception and the misrepresentation of facts against us. We unlike our  “elected officials” see this as an America First Agenda, and not a Party First Collaboration.
Both parties, Democrat and Republicans, have for too long been focused on power, greed and position. Oscar worthy performances given each day upon the floors of Congress, as they attempt to convince us that it is indeed our interests that they are acting upon, when in reality it is only the Special interests of their financiers, cleverly disguised, that is at the heart of all they do.
Equally, both Parties are correct to fear this coming November, for “We the People” have indeed had enough, and I foresee a major sea-change in not only the shift in power in Washington, but an even greater change to the “Name Placards” placed upon the doors of a majority of offices, many held for decades.
Americans are ready at long last to hit the “Reset Button”, and usher in a new breed of representation. A new class of elected officials, who know their time in office is tenuous at best, and is directly affected by how fast and effectively they work to force out the corruptive influences of lobbyists and special interests, and even more so predicated on just how they engage in new efforts to shrink back the recent expansions of our Government and it’s bloated budget.
Congress currently enjoys an 11% favorability rating, and with that kind of support, I suggest they begin looking for their next position. They may have ignored us since the mid-seventies, but we will not be ignored this year and they should see that reality staring them in the faces.

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