I was sitting around Saturday morning, enjoying a nice fresh cup of coffee, ( number 3 of 8 ), listening to “the Food network” in the background, and flipping through the pages of my “Corrupt Politician to Truth Dictionary”. When I suddenly started to apply the text before me against the happenings in Washington in just the last week.

    Over the weekend, we were made judicially whole as the Supreme Court swore in it’s newest member Elaina Kagan. Unfortunately I was not able to watch personally, the public replay as she placed her hand on the bible and swore to misrepresent, take out of context, and circumvent it’s real intent at any ideological turn, the guarantees and protections, written within our Great Constitution.
     We all watched as our President, still in his “Stimulus Summer/Save Democrats Butts in November Tour”, gave a speech at a FORD plant. (Wha?)  A plant that not only has stayed profitable, but is still hiring. The President, Mr. Obama, loudly reminding them, that “his stimulus package” is what has made them successful. It was his debt blasting boondoggle that is responsible for their company doing so well. ( and they better not forget it! )
     This, had to come as almost laughable, to the many stunned Ford management and employees, who were all too familiar with the fact that “Ford” is the only of the big three car makers that did NOT take his bailout/Government takeover scheme. But then again, as my dictionary explains, in Washington, Fact: (noun) fakt – A virus to the process. To be avoided and dismissed. A depletion of falsity. ( I love that dictionary! )
     Furthering the oddity of the President’s continuous claims of “great Success” to his Stimulus Program, is the sudden stepping down of Christine Roemer, the presidents “Top” economic Advisor. The “clarion horn” of stimulus to date, who now at it’s Apex of success, sees fit to leave her position. Obviously the President feels that she has done such a great job, and,  now that the recession is over and the economy booming again as a direct byproduct of their Great Stimulus, she can go home knowing that their Job is done! Mission Accomplished!
    Fortunately, Ms. Roemer is returning to academia. She will go back to teaching economics at UC Berkley. How blessed are our College students to be being taught economics from such a knowledgeable and “Successful” Professor. No replacement for Ms. Roemer has been mentioned yet, I am sure it will be a person who “Fits Right In” ( Dictionary Definition: Marxist,Socialist,Radical, Tax Cheat ), over there at the White House, but I have my hopes on getting what we really need this time; How about –  A guy with a calculator!
    Highlighting this caffeine enhanced foray into the application of my “new dictionary” to the world around me, I began to think of Congress and their activities. I marveled at how after just leaving Washington to return to their home districts for their  much needed and eagerly anticipated Town Hall Meetings, ( See: Pete Stark ), Speaker Nancy Pelosi called them all back to hurriedly pass another Crisis Preventing bailout to the States! Another Emergency Fund For the people! ( Dictionary’s definition: The Unions! )
     While it is understandable that they would “not” have had time to address this issue before their vacations, after all, they have been very busy passing many non-binding resolutions and bills of recognition for countless matters of national import. I mean, someone has to fully recognize the importance that the syrup industry has played in the western advancement of the Americas during the early 1790’s!..  Right?  They were too busy to do this particular Bailout to the Unions while they were still in session!
     What we must recognize, as “they” tell us, is that this $26 Billion Dollar payoff to the Unions is an “Emergency!” , ( Yes,, Another one! ), so far as I can keep track, there has been almost $200 Billion in direct “Emergency”payoffs, ( Definition: Stimulus Funding, Grants and T.A.R.P. ),  to the Unions, under the guise of “One Emergency or Another.”
     Congress to date, has still failed, tragically so, to recognize that We are in a serious “Situation” here!, This cannot be a continuance of “Business as Usual” on Capital Hill, and within the many Wings of the White house. This is for real!  It is an “All hands on deck” time in this Nations’s history, and all we seem to see from our “leaders”, is the same inner-party brinkmanship and financial maneuvering. Politicizing every conceivable issue and utilizing “every tool in the book”, ( Dictionary definition: Race Card and Class Warfare ), to keep the American citizens firmly planted into the darkness of our emotionally driven blindness, to their real activities.
     Our Congress, ( Dictionary Definition: Clueless,Compliant and Corrupt. see; President ), still thinks we are too stupid and weak-willed to do anything about their continued inept performances. They have forgotten that they are sent there to Washington to be “Just” Legislators, not to “Just Legislate! ” Perhaps the vote against healthcare reform in Arkansas,( by over 70%), or the DOJ’s loss in the Appeals Courts in Virginia, will cause Washington to step back just for a second, and realize finally, that “We” have had enough and are at long last,  doing something about it.
     Our President must now default back to his original position as “Leader”, and become a  President who leads from the Security of Clarity, and wears the “Cape of Confidence and Competence”. He cannot remain this partisan and  Marxist Ideologue who see the Constitution as near Un-American, and who scrambles around Washington and the Nation wearing his own special cape, a “Cloak of Confusion and Corruption”, with the big letter PA across his chest. ( PA = Plausible Deniability )
    Americans realize two things: Unions Destroy Industries,  and Governments Destroy Nations. Put the two together and it’s Magic!
“Hey Rocky!  Wanna see me pull a Fallen Republic out of my hat?  Nothing  Up my sleeve! ” ” Presto!”  (“No doubt about it, WE gotta get a new hat! “)

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