Our elected officials in Congress have all gone home for this summer break, and with that fresh influx of hypocrisy into our local communities, this current election cycle goes into full overdrive.

The good news is, that while they are here with us running their re-election campaigns, they are out of Washington, and for at least this short period of time, not screwing us with each and every vote cast or purchased.
We, (If you are paying attention), are finding ourselves once again seeing the barrage of ads attacking one another as “Ineffective”, “out of touch” or “too radical”. With the customary salacious charges and challenges to each others morality thrown in for good measure, and in keeping with America’s ongoing fascination with pop culture media coverage and reality television. We may not know our Supreme Court Justices by name, but I guarantee most know when Lindsay Lohan is getting out of rehab, or if Snookie can hold her liquor.
These Career Politicians and their recently added Career Minded Brethren, count on that “apathy towards reality” that resides in many of us. They use it against each and every one of us as they boast of Great Successes and cast the finger of blame at any and all in the opposing party for impeding further accomplishments. They are waging their careers on you not knowing just how bad things really are, and that you will accept their claims as fact, without any real efforts to see past the bias media coverage and actually confirm such claims.
It is any wonder that a poll last Friday reported that over 60% of Americans said that “They believe the Government is growing too large and is a negative for our Country!”  The “Throw the Bums Out!” battle cry is reaching far beyond the borders of any Tea Party Coalitions, as detailed by people like Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch and his “Three different Pledges” that he and his associated groups are requiring any running candidate to sign off on, before they could even begin any hope to garner said support.
Some Democrats are quite visibly separating themselves from the Obama Administration and it’s lack of effective leadership. Going so far as to claim ” I don’t work for them in Washington..I work for you!” Wonderful if it were only true. Unfortunately, this is just more of the same insincere posturing to bring in the votes needed. Playing to any and all emotions that might induce the voters to choose one over the other, at which time they will immediately revert back to their true colors, once again engaging in their individual,  partisan,  and ideological driven endeavors.
A rash of inner party and administration rhubarbs have recently become apparent and regular occurrences, as the White House and Congress seem to be on different pages and possibly even different books, as for as whether holding their current majorities are real possibilities, or merely pipe dreams. Even some whom Mr. Obama has raised campaign funds for, are choosing not to have him by their side as the election nears.
The Republicans on the other hand, are making the critical mistake in thinking they are running against the Democrats, when in actuality they are running against every Congress over the last three decades which have elevated themselves from statesman to elitists. Considering themselves above reproach, only briefly looking down from Olympus at the huddled masses below, when polling shows growing discontent.
The President, who campaigned fervently to his throngs of teary-eyed and swooning followers, the mantra of “Yes We Can!”, has now after just under two years, traded in this rally cry to reform of Washington, for his new slogans..”It’s Bush’s Fault!” and “Hey! It could be worse!”
Both of which, not prone to incite an increase in confidence, as shown by his current approval ratings which have dropped to the 40% mark. “But hey!.. Mr President,  It could be worse!”  ( In fact, just wait to see your favorability ratings after November, When Congress begins that lame duck session of “Pass Everything We want Now – as We Exit Though the Out Door!” )
Don’t buy it America! We’ve all been down this road before. They will say and do anything to retain power and position.Do you really think that 600 Million for increased border security was done out of any sense of responsibility to do what is right? To actually do their job? It was a political move to try and capitalize on the Border Security Concienceous across America. Do you not foresee the budget for such a thing being drastically cut, if not removed altogether once the President’s Economic Commission” finally comes out, ( after the election by pure happenstance), and reports back just how bad these Politicians and their policies have damaged our fiscal soundness.
A report that will no doubt mandate the massive new Taxes that will need to be levied and possibly a VAT,  in combination with the spending cuts, ( bye bye Border Security ), that will be offered up as Emergency Deficit Offsets. After November, they will quickly slime back to their methods of operation that have nearly crippled this Nation. But only if we let them return!
This time in our history is as important to our Country’s future as almost any that has come before. As Americans, we have always been asked to make sacrifices for our country, and we have done so gladly. It is now time, that the sacrifice that must be made, be that of the establishment in Washington. It is time to lay them all upon the alter of America’s future, and begin the cutting.
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