As we sink deeper into this campaign cycle, and candidates attempt to perfect any message that they feel will resonate with the American voters, one thing is certain – this “message” is becoming almost as difficult to find as Mr. Obama’s College records, Official State Birth Certificate, Passport information and any documentation from his time as Senator of Illinois. ( We know he was there, He voted “Present” some 90% of the time! )

In this ongoing administrative debacle, where we see our economy not only “Not” improving, but in fact heading towards what many economists see as a “Double Dip Recession”,  with Housing markets still falling, Unemployment still rising, our National Debt topping 13.3 Trillion dollars, ( with an additional 1.3 Trillion tacked on this year alone ), and a stock market that acts less like a financial foundation and more like that of a group of people hiding out in a storm shelter as multiple tornadoes pass by pounding and pulling at the shelter doors. You would think they would cling to any item in their long record of “Great Successes” and run on that. ( Insert uncontrollable laughter here! )
That one “Great Success” for these Democrats ( Progressives ) to hang their campaign hats on,  would most certainly seem be their much touted and celebrated “Healthcare Reform”.  You might remember this”Great Success”, as it was so important, that it took up all of Mr. Obama’s first year in office, turning their full attention away from our “Economic Crisis” and requiring a full court press, a little “magic math”, the demonization of all opposition as Un-American or Radical Astro-turf, while completely ignoring the will of the American People, and, ultimately taking several sweetheart deals made from behind closed doors, just to get it passed and signed.( Do you remember all of that? )
It seems odd that now in the heat of this campaign period, the Democrats are being told “Not” to discuss too many details of this recent “Trophy of Legislation”, as they hit the Campaign trail. ( As if they have anything else to even remotely claim as an accomplishment!)  I mean really, What else are they going to talk about? The uber successful Stimulus? Obama’s handling of the “Oil Spill?  Arizona?  Gitmo?
As “Speaker of the Swamp” Pelosi told us back in March. ( paraphrasing )  “Once this thing is passed and we all finally find out what is in it, we will be thrilled!”  This is of course wrong on so many levels that it boggles the mind.
This administration and Congress, from their first effort – Stimulus, to their most recent  “accomplishment” Financial Reform, have made it a habit of blindly passing  multi-thousand paged pieces of legislation. Legislation rammed through with the “splendor of majority”,  unread, un-comprehended, and ultimately pushed upon the American Citizens against our wishes, under the umbrella of  “Trust Us – We know what’s best!,  and it’s all Bush’s fault anyway!”
Strange that they would run away from their greatest trophy to date?  Not so crazy perhaps, when you consider the many aspects of this Healthcare Reform law, their primary “claim to competency”, that are now falling apart right before “their”, and most importantly “our” very eyes.
This Healthcare Reform that was sold to the American People as “bending the cost curve of health coverage downward”, “Saving Americans money, Covering all Americans ( and a few illegal immigrants ), and not adding one penny to our National debt!” ( Plainly put folks, If I could lie that well, I would have gotten a lot more sex in high school! )
Almost immediately after passage, new “updated” reports began coming out, citing errors in calculations and other oddities of legislative language. Their trophy quickly tarnished as CBO began to re-assess their findings, correcting their first projections of 100 billion plus in deficit reductions, to those of some 300 billion dollars plus in additional new deficits being added.
As for their claims to  “Bend the Cost Curve”, in this respect they will be successful. The National Business Group on Health has just released new reports showing an increase of nearly 9% to business and labor going forward. So the Curve has been bent – it’s just been bent “Up!”
Which makes it seem  even more incoherent to have Mr. Obama, our “Confuser in Chief”, to appear in Ohio last week touting that this Healthcare Reform will lower costs by 30%.  Is he not privy to the same information as us? Is it that he was on vacation again when those reports came out? Or do we need to translate all of these important materials into Arabic for him to really understand?
While it is also a fact, that the Republicans have no easy row to hoe in all of this, as many Americans are just plain fed up with the decades of corruption and incompetence that permeates from Washington, sick of the partisanship and profiteering that has gotten our Nation into the tenuous situation we are currently in, it is the Democrats who are in control, and who are rapidly “losing control” as they scramble to run away from everything they have done, hoping Americans will like sheep, continue to vote blindly for one of two letters at the end of a candidates name, and not truly evaluate them as any real employer does – based on Performance!
So be prepared for a few more months of “The Republicans are the Party of No! ” and a further barrage of “Blame it on Bush!” as these Democrats find themselves afloat in a “Barge of Bull”, unable to tout any real success that America agrees with, and are forced to run against a Republican resurgence, being “Scared to Death” to promote themselves on the coattails of a President who is now drawing the kind of all time low favorability ratings that are giving Jimmy Carter reason to smile in anticipation of being dropped just “one down” on that list of “Presidential Failures!”

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