As we who follow current events are becoming increasingly aware, each and everyday, we seem to be sliding further and further into this seemingly endless recession/pending depression. Our brains at near overload as one after another of the gauges of any real economic growth tumble downward, ( with the exception of unemployment which still lingers at near 10%), pounding our heads with details of scary National statistics which are all too soon revised and lowered even more, only adding to the doubt many have in this Administration’s ability to change in any way this anemic economic trajectory.
The President launched earlier this year his “Summer of Recovery” Tour, in which he and VP Biden were to ramble around the country touting the great “successes” spawned from the debt ballooning Stimulus Plan. The same stimulus that was sold to us under the guise that it would keep unemployment under 8%, and that would create 3 million new jobs through shovel ready projects and investments into small businesses. ( Oh yeah, and Roger Clemons didn’t use steroids either. )
Not all to surprisingly, the metrics were soon changed from creating 3 million new jobs to “Saved or Created ” jobs,  a new and never used before number, allowing them to apply some very ambiguous accounting in an attempt to somehow someway show they had reached their goal, any goal!
Americans of course didn’t really buy that number, and even if we had, the near $200,000 spent for each of those “saved or created” jobs seems a bit much to the average citizen or small business owner who knows from experience that in actuality, a new job typically costs somewhere in the range from $25,000 – $50,000 to create.
Still this “Summer of Recovery” Tour continues. The Administration seeming oblivious somehow to the endless stream of ” figures of failure” that we are exposed to near daily. Sales of new and previously owned homes have dropped again, sharply!, as bunkers appear to be the only real estate on the upswing.
Just last Friday, GDP numbers were once again revised downward showing once again how their expectations and first acclamations are far from accurate. All of this as the Stock market continues to hover just at or below 10000 for what seems an eternity to any who are invested directly or through their 401K’s in it. ( The very 401K’s that many Americans are raiding now, grudgingly accepting the huge taxes and penalty losses, just to make ends meet.)
This at a time when Moody’s Analytical, ( the rating agency ), warned for a second time that America is very close to losing our AAA rating. A very ominous threat to our whole nation, Economy and Standing around the world as a Super Power and the Wealthiest Nation on Earth. Plainly put, America could go to and soon find a score of 600 instead of our usual 800. ( Can you wrap your head around that? )
Even FED Chair Ben ( Can we buy our own debt? ) Bernanke felt so compelled by this realization that he too came out last Friday in a major economic speech and said although the FED has done pretty much all they can at this point, and that any further stagnation of our economy could provoke the FED to employ ” Unconventional Measures!”  Considering interest rates sit at the lowest level possible, the trillions of unbacked dollars they have already and continue to print, and their guarantee of hundreds of billions of dollars of corporate loans through T.A.R.P., one can only quiver at the thought of what  “Unconventional Measures” could mean now.
VP Biden is at this juncture one of the loudest cheerleaders for this “Recovery Tour”, spending time sitting across a table from average citizens telling them how much better off they are because of the stimulus. Americans who have the time to sit with him, as I am sure they find themselves unemployed at the moment.
Each time I see Mr. Obama or Mr. Biden standing there in front of the cameras and just behind TOTUS ( the Teleprompter of the United States ), reading the carefully constructed and focus group tested verbiage, reminding us all just how bad things could have been, and how this Stimulus has saved America from pending doom, I am reminded of the Iraqi Information Minister, ( remember Baghdad Bob? ), who with a straight face was on camera claiming that “America had not breached his city”, just as images of US tanks and Soldiers rolled in just over his shoulders.
It is that very kind of misrepresentation of circumstances that we are seeing now from Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden. Both hoping that if they keep telling us we are better off and that this “Stimulus” has worked, that somehow it will be accepted blindly as fact. Picture in your mind Kevin Bacon in “Animal House” holding up his hands and claiming “all is well” as the crowd runs him over in a frantic charge. ( Can you picture the President with those shoe prints on his face? )
I fear that we are being set up, and what is their “Summer Of Recovery” will only turn into a “Winter of Despair “, as we plunge deeper into this ongoing recession. Where many more will lose their homes, jobs and hopes for a better future. We must be very cautious, for those most easily misled are those in despair, who feel there is no way out and are looking for something, anything to ease their pain.
I however, also have an unending belief in the American people and our spirit, and do not doubt for one second that if the Government would just get out of our way, let confidence in our economy renew, level with us, and own up to their mismanagement of our Nation, that this great engine would once again roar us back to prosperity.
It is time for us to take control now. We know what these people in Washington, (on both sides of the aisle), have recently done and have always done. It is time for us, All of Us, “We the People” to once again RISE UP, ( at the polls ), and once and for all sweep clean these parasites and liars from our halls of representation, tossing  free the shackles of serfdom and once again regain our status as employer, as Free Americans!
We must remind ourselves as we enter the curtained booth to cast our votes, the definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If we, under the guise of Ideology, Apathy or just plain Indifference, allow the same people back into our Chambers of Governance, then we are indeed insane, and deserve everything we get, and the future that we cast for ourselves and posterity.

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