During the mid- eighties, a new network, bound for domination, came onto the national scene with a bang.  In retrospect, it might seem to anyone who paid attention, that the people at FOX must have surely noticed something specific within the viewing audience they were seeking and reaching .

A short jog to our memory of “that time” in America, and one can quickly get an almost palpable taste in their mouth as to just how things were back then. The many situations that we as individuals, and as a Nation were going through on a day to day basis, and the manners in which we each compensated individually through our actions, to such an environment.
With that sense of how ” Real life in the Seventies ” was as a backdrop, you can perhaps understand more clearly, how the introduction by FOX, to America, of their hit show “Married With Children” and the “Bundy Family”, quickly inserted the fledgling network firmly into the high ratings echelon, and launched the Bundy’s into near heroic status.
We, because of these current and ongoing situations that we were experiencing Socially, Economically and Politically, found an eerie and sometimes disturbing ability to at some level, relate to Al, Peg, Bud and the ever lovely Kelly, and with that odd feeling of kinship, America took to this family of caricatures wholeheartedly, laughing and tuning each week to voyeuristically catch their constant struggles to face the challenges of life, working to make their lives better, initially failing!, and then dealing with it all in a typical Bundy fashion. 
Most of us,had ourselves experienced the gas lines, the high costs of food, energy, and a real lack of faith in our Government establishment and leadership of the time, as we saw Americans held hostage in Iran and felt the National shame that came from a sense of weakness. We could readily relate to the concept that we were being held back or stymied somehow by elitists, and members of the supposed intelligentsia, along with a horde of politicians who were overly proficient at seemingly endless and vague ramblings. Each speech,  cloaked in deniability and achieving no real point of truth and clarity. In other words, they talked for hours and said literally nothing. ( sound familiar? )
This odd coalition we shared with this family of misfits grew only stronger as we watched from our sofas and recliners, the manner in which a situation would present itself,  the Bundy’s would then, true to form, concoct some manner of dealing with it, ( from their perspective ), gather together for a moment of out-stretched hands being adjoined, and offering a sometimes diminished, but usually rousing “Whooaaa  Bundy!”
They would then begin this chosen process of problem resolution, and while at first sometimes appearing to be gaining ground, inevitably find themselves on the short end of the luck stick. Hilariously falling from the heights of their exuberance, crashing back to reality, shamed, ridiculed by those of better position, and on the verge it would appear of a complete family breakdown.
It was at that very moment, when all seemed lost, when they had been called every name in the book by others or even themselves, the world had beat them to a pulp, causing that soul crushing plunge into despair.  It was then, that we knew,that although they might appear beaten, they still had one last breath of that resistance to failure that resided deep within their core beings.
The scene would still. Al would stand erect, pulling back his shoulders, squaring them. His eyes would steal up, his lips would tighten and his jaw would solidify. He would look off into the 4th wall, and then we would hear the first few moments of George Thoroughgood’s  ” Bad to the Bone “. Those first few bars of musical defiance played in the background,  and then as if drawn from a dormant genome shared by many people across the world and Americans with few exception, Al Bundy, the downtrodden, the lost, the everyman’s everyman, would summon this innate river of strength and proclaim, “Let’s Rock! “
America today is full of Al Bundys! And this is no slight or labeling borne of ridicule or disrespect. Consider the manner in which Americans in general are seeming more engaged these last couple of years. Many from the masses now joining those who have for decades proclaimed the illfated directions that our Government has led us generally, and themselves, ( ethically speaking ), specifically. This “wave of question” has turned into a “flood of focus”, and we are One!
After easily recalling how our governing representatives have mismanaged infinitum, our nation from both federal and state levels, compounded by a strong sense amongst ourselves that they have become in their own minds, ” little kings! ”  Superior to those they are sent to represent and by default, the only ones equipped to understand fully the complexities of government and matters of doing business at a national and international level. Matters so detailed and written in ways that even they themselves cannot read and fully comprehend.
It should then come as no real surprise then that , we as a people, as Americans, came together during the T.A.R.P. fiasco, and knowing how vast majorities of us understood that less Government was the key to our revival, we somehow reached out to each other across all party, cultural and ethnic lines, and crossed our hands in unity. Our “Whoooa Bundy ” moment.
Episodically, and typically, we were and are still called names, ” Racist!  Extremist!  Radical and Un-American! “, our motives were challenged daily, and all forces that could, seemed to align against us, desperately trying to break our will or cause us to question even our own actions. We are still being told by most in media and Government that we don’t understand what they are doing, and should leave it to them, as our “superiors” to resolve this extreme situation.
We are being lied to with each claim that things are getting better or that we are now on the right track, when every report seems to prove otherwise. We fall prey so easily to their misrepresentation of facts or ability to play our emotions against us, nudging each of us towards ” Their ” desired outcome. We at times appear beaten, overwhelmed by disparaging propaganda,  with the sinking feeling that there is nothing we can do writhing in our guts. We are at that critical moment, that miracle moment, where fate and chance collide with destiny, to show us all what we are really made of.
It is happening now. Americans all across the Nation are putting aside our long lived party loyalties and ideologies and remembering we are one, We are Americans!  Our recessive “Al Bundy Gene” is now engaged, as we, realizing that the time is now for this break or make event, are squaring our shoulders, tightening our lips, and  making rock-like our jaws.
We know it is our time to stand strong  for America, even if it is against our Governance. We are resolute to do what we must. Our eyes are stilled, you can hear faintly in your mind, that course guitar lick as the song begins. We look to each other, and then ahead to the immense challenge of taking our country and putting it firmly back on a sound path. We have our guts and our votes.   “Let’s Rock!

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