Last week unfolded to be quite exciting here in America. If you were watching, you were privy to a rather intense and diverse weeklong foray into the lunacy that has become American politics, economics, foreign policy and  an apparent unending desire to achieve a zen-like peace – through political correctness. A week of highlights!

We saw Mr. Obama running around the country on his Campaign tour billed as  “Speeches on the Economy”. The President, trying desperately to rally and bring in the less than exuberant Democratic loyals,to the polls this November, while shucking and jiving his way to raising enough campaign contributions to help entice Democratic candidates to at least show up for this tour, if not actually stand next to him on the stage where photos could be taken of the two side by side. ( Remember,  “A picture is worth a thousand lies” )
 All the while, visa-vie his analogy laden attacks, lifting Minority leader John Boehner to the same status he presides over as President, by focusing on Boehner and the Republicans so much that one might easilly forget the overwhelming majority that the Dems have had for 19 months. A majority matched only by the overwhelming opposition to their agenda from the American People, who were sold a “bill of goods” on this mantle of hope and change, and found out quickly the true bearings of that agenda, so cleverly cloaked in rhetorical ambiguity.
Things are getting bad for the Washington regulars. I dare say, down right crazy for those in Congress, who are up for re-election and trying to stave off the general disapproval of anything perceived as establishment or “Inner-circle Washington” by the American population as a whole.  They are at times losing their minds. One Ohio candidate for Treasurer goes “Dean” midweek and let’s his zeal for the position get the better of him. Standing behind his podium, pacing feverishly left and right, His eyes locked and bulging, his voice breaking in spots.   RaaaaR!!!   ( Just the well balanced rational individual you want watching your State’s Treasury! )
Imam Rauf returned to the USA  from his “America is Only Slightly The Great Satan Tour”, still determined to build his victory tower near ground zero and offering a thinly veiled threat of another “Explosion from the Muslim world” if they don’t build it there now!…Lord knows the last thing we need at this time is to have Muslims around the world thinking ill of us, or plotting our demise. Oh wait!  That’s already happening anyway!
This, as an over-agitated Florida Minister wants to burn Q’orans. In retaliation to this Minister’s maniacal request,  a UK Muslim Lawyer calls for an Islamic  “Burn the Stars and Stripes day!”.. Again I have to ask, don’t they already have that?.. I think it is called  “Any and Every Day! “
Mr Obama did however find time last week during his campaign 2010/Fall of Failure Tour to spend Labor day with the Unions. It is afterall very important to most of society, to spend the holidays with the ones you love most. Where did you think he would be?  Arizona?
We witnessed the 9/11 anniversary of remembrance, being hijacked by this whole Mosque venture and sideshow. And, also received some big news..Great Work Mayor Bloomberg!, after seeming endless delays, stalls and typical red tape, America finally got a couple of beams in place at Ground Zero. We are now at 9 years with no real progress, and the planners of 9/11 are still sitting in Gitmo, having photo shoots, playing games, and growing out their beards. They remain uncharged, untried and still breathing!!  Good Job Washington!!!  Thank you sincerely Mr. Holder!
Almost as if by design, a new stimulus was proposed. A new Jobs Bill!  Wasn’t almost every thing they attempted somehow covered under the umbrella of a Jobs Bill? Even Healthcare at some points has been hailed as a job creator!.. If they had an honest bone in them, they would just come out and admit that this new stimulus plan is nothing more than another Taxpayer funded Union giveaway.. Yet again!  
 All I ask is when?. When will the Unions finally be paid off for the elections of 2008 and the upcoming cycles of 2010 and 2012?  When is that debt paid off, so we can begin to focus on the other 80% plus,  of the American workforce that is private sector and also suffering through this stagnate and unstable growth environment. We already have one act passed that showed preference to unions in infrastructure contracts. This new round of “Union payoffs” will not spark an iota of private sector job growth.
It is apparent that the Kantian method failed.. Not because it is flawed ( though it might be) ..but because it must first go through the filter of systemic beaurocratic greed and grapht. $800 billion in the hands of the “people” might have helped stave off this recession, truly jolted the economy, and even prevented such epic home losses and ballooning unemployment. But once government gets their hand on a slush fund.. all bets are off for any  “true” stimulus or even the desired Kantian effect. Too much “off the top!” The people are eating crumbs!,  or perhaps small pieces of “Cake” leftover from the French revolution and offered up to us by this elitist Administration and establishment in Washington.
Obama, is trying to appear more moderate, ala Clinton, as he eludes to a slight move to the center, but considering how he campaigned as a moderate before, fooling all those who voted for him and ushering in this new progressive era of Govt. expansion and redistributive atonement, are the voters really weak minded enough to buy this same used car twice?
There is one good piece of  news of the week.. We now have an “Asian Carp Czar!”  thankfully with all that is going on we at least can rest assured that our government is on the ball aggressively, when it comes to non-indigenous species making their way onto American soil. ( this of course does not include ICE and their de’facto amnesty currently going on. )
Many also watched as the NAACP launched their “witch hunt website”, to see if they can finally get at least one piece of “proof” that there might be a living, breathing, non-implanted racist buried somewhere amongst the ranks of the millions of Americans who attend Tea Party Movement functions. Their feverish quest for this piece of artillery, to use in their assault against all other Americans who dare question this Administration, is along the lines of the many action and intrigue filled adventures of Indiana Jones. Near Homeric! They are very determined, and will no doubt locate (or place), such a disgrace to any cause, to be photographed or videotaped as evidence of rampant racism. One must wonder, how would they fair, if that same such “smudged lens of predetermination” were pointed at themselves.   Or maybe just a simple mirror!

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