America, both politically and socially, seems today to be very similar in many ways, to a chicken running around the yard with it’s head chopped off. Flailing around to and fro, with no direction. Bumping into this, and tripping over that, in a desperate attempt to find and somehow reattach itself to it’s brain and balls.

One can be easily overwhelmed by the many, and I do mean many, reports that flood in daily from our various media sources, concerning the vast perilous and life changing events that are occurring around us at what seems a record pace.
We have both political parties, using these occurrences to their “hoped for” advantage, by twisting and spinning the facts of any given matter, to suit their own purpose, and thereby drive the American mindset and emotions, towards their one and ultimate goal, that being the retention or achievement of a dominating majority to power within the political and legislative venues of our Governing structure.
One thing is apparent to any who pay attention. This being the very simple fact, that these people couldn’t care one iota less about actually solving any of the issues and/or problems that face our Country or each individual citizen, as they are too focused on this all important power struggle that is their life. 
With that in mind, and realizing that they are also laser focused at this time on their political futures, futures to be determined in the next forty days or so, I  have decided to offer to these Geniuses, these highly educated Elitists, these detached Potentates, who have lost for the most part any resemblence of commonality with the people they are technically chosen to represent, a little “Cajun Common Sense”, that they may feel free to apply at any given time, to the ongoing struggles and situational challenges that face us all as a Nation.
Let’s start with Healthcare. We have Democrats running from, what “was” the greatest achievement associated with this administration and it’s progressive agenda, like it was the bubonic plague, and Republicans campaigning vigorously and deceptively on a repeal platform. The problem is, repeal will take years, if it was to ever come to pass,  and by then enough of this atrocity would be implemented to prevent any effective repeal from happening. The Answer: Alter the current power standings with a Republican majority, or flat out parity, and simply have Republicans refuse to fund it. The law may still be on the books, but with no funding, it could not advance any further than that signature so fraudulently written upon it.
Border Security?  Estimations are that it would take some 6000 National Guard troops to fully support the border patrol and effectively shut down the invasion from the south, that our nation has been suffering from for decades. Cajun Common Sense says: 50 “United” States, each sending 120 troops –  for 3 month tours on the border states –  would equal 6000. This is a national Security issue and there is no reason that the “National Guard” should not be the ones to handle it.  Additionally, the cost of 120 Guardsmen every three months, would be a minimal expense to each State, and, afford valuable training to said Guardsman.
The Economy? I’ll break it down like this: We must shrink the size of our Government. Less Government, (smaller Government), requires less funding. Less funding needed, means less taxes forced upon the public. Less money stolen by taxation, equals more money for investment which creates jobs, which creates the taxes needed to fund this smaller government. The Cajun Common Sense Plan: NO more government growth until our economy is repaired, our existing social liabilities are fully funded,  and our national debt is being paid off. Nothing!  No new agencies, No new programs, and definitely No new federal budget increases. ( That’s right! No federal employee raises!  From the President, down to the lowest level mail clerk.) We all rise together and we “all” sacrifice together.
Welfare Costs? A very hard nut to crack no doubt, but since this obviously cannot be overly reformed without some national riot occurring, the fact that it is a growing problem cannot be ignored. Cajun Common Sense says: If you find yourself in a situation where you are either forced through happenstance, or indoctrinated into the welfare system, and are not employed, then you should utilize this free time in volunteer programs designed to better the community as a whole. Nothing draconian, but perhaps something as simple as placing unemployment and welfare recipients at the top of Jury Duty lists, which would negate the need for those still employed to miss work and cause any further loss of productivity.
International Policy? While our form of “Republic Governance” prohibits such tactics be used against the people, in the area of International politics, Machiavelli was correct. “It is better to be feared, more than loved”. America was safest, when America was seen as the strongest. We need to stop these incessant apologies for our status, stand firmly and publicly with our allies, and aggressively remind our enemies, that there is a little “Tony Montana” in all of us. We still have thousands of “little friends”, and the crazies of this world need to be reminded, that we are not merely a storage facility.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating Nuclear Armageddon here folks, I am just reminding everyone, that with the exception of the “lunatics” who are at war with us from within Islam, “Peace through Strength” had kept us relatively safe as a nation for a long time, and that globally, they must all know and fear the “greatest nation” on earth as an enemy, while others will continue to benefit in knowing this same nation as a friend.
Would those within our Government actually implement any of the ideas that I have professed?  Not likely!  But, if they would at least accept the “Sentiment” behind these concepts, we just might see this nation of ours, finally begin to turn the corner in returning itself to once again being the beacon to the rest of the world, in these areas of economic stability, geopolitical strength, personal responsibility of it’s citizenry, and as the epitome of how to maintain National sovereignty while remaining internationally diverse. ( Or perhaps I just need to switch to Decaf! )

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