We are now only 40 days away from November’s Mid-term elections, and a fever pitch is swelling amongst potential voters, Congressional candidates and almost every outlet of our mainstream and social media. It seems to many, that this election cycle and the following two years, are a pivotal point for all of America, whether you are on the side of the Democrats, trying desperately to maintain their control of Congress, or pulling for a Republican resurgence, hoping that this would facilitate an opportunity to slow down or even repeal much of the legislation that they feel has been forced upon them against their will.

The Republicans released last week their “Pledge to America”, remnant of the “Contract for America” spearheaded by Speaker Gingrich back in the mid 90’s. Laying out their plan of action for how they will perform their duties, should they win back the majority. A plan quickly attacked by every Democrat as nothing more than “Bush revisited” and according to some no more than a “Plague Upon America”.
The Democrats, on the other hand, having nothing to run on that carries any majority support amongst Americans as a whole, have continued to follow their ongoing campaign of STILL running against former President Bush, while attempting to label their strongest detractors, “The Tea Party Movement”, as racists, extremists, or just plain old “crazy people”. ( In case you weren’t aware, That would be you! )
All of this as they hurriedly try to bolt from this session in Washington, “Early”, and having not really addressed the topic of the pending tax increases for all that are just around the corner as the Bush Tax Cuts expire in January. They flat out refuse, ( under the steady leadership of Speaker Pelosi), to have any vote on this matter and many others, follow them to the polls in November, but, they are more than happy to have a “Show Battle” over the issues of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and “Backdoor Amnesty” as they, knowing that they will not before leaving bring such issues to a vote, postulate them in hopes of inciting those amongst their base that hold these issues dear, to rally to their support in November. ( In case you didn’t know, this is called “Being Played!” )
“We have heard you!” is the battle cry from these now “Pledged” Republicans. Unfortunately, this day of newfound “sensory gifting”, does not erase the past 30 years or so of the Helen Keller-like representation, ( from both parties), that has gotten our Nation into the situation we find ourselves in. A new place for many of us, where we find out that the recession ended over a year ago, (technically speaking ), yet the joblessness and fear for their futures felt by so many Americans and Business in general, is further compounded by a strong sense amongst all that our Government has run amuck and lost it’s Constitutional bearing, trading it in for Globalism, Marxism and every other “ism” except for Patriotism.
The dew has dried from the rose of this Presidency of Progressivism, and many Democrats as well as citizen supporters, are not only questioning the intelligence of this support in retrospect, but find themselves now diametrically opposed to much of what Mr. Obama is saying and doing. Talk is cheap, and the reaction to much of this administrations actions, have not been beneficial to us as a Nation or as individuals. ( Unless of course you are from Iran, China, Venezuela or even currently racing across our southern border hoping for your piece of the promised amnesty pie.)
Just take notice to how many of the Presidents advisors and other appointed officials are apparently either being released or are flat out jumping ship. Even his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, has come to realize that he is on a “Progressive Titanic” and has decided now to abandon this quickly sinking ship in favor of a ride on the unbelievably lucrative “Casino Boat” that is Chicago Politics , by running for Mayor of that den of corruption. ( The same hole that Mr. Obama sharpened his chops in and slithered out of.)
Americans are poised to return some assemblence of balance to Washington this November, by returning the majority in at least one house to the Republicans, but we must remember a few things before we begin over-celebrating such a perceived victory to Democracy, primarily amongst these is that a “Simple Majority” while enabling the Republicans to at minimum halt the future funding of the Healthcare Reform Law, will not afford this new Congress a “Veto” proof majority, and therefore put in Presidential jeopardy many of their proposals and campaigned on – repeal.
The Democrats and the President, will most assuredly be bitter to a great extent, having lost total control, and will fight aggressively the bulk of this “Pledge to America” out of pure spite, only allowing certain parts to proceed, and only after the typical and shady “horse-trading” that is one of the root causes of the corruptive nature of our politics as a whole.
The President, unlike his Democratic predecessor Mr. Clinton, will likely not move to the center to assist in his future bid for re-election, and will under the weight of his Progressive Ideology, continue to try to put into place within our system of Government, the foundation blocks for his Globalistic, and often cited as Socialist, agenda of redistribution of wealth and anti-capitalism.
What this leaves us with, is merely two more years of nasty partisan gridlock, where tending party wounds and repairing egos, will override their elected task and sworn duty, of doing what needs to be done to help set our Nation on a path out of this jobless recession, and where positioning themselves for the elections of 2012, will be of greater importance to those in Washington, than in following the will of the American people who have sent them there, by truly halting and then shrinking back this ever-growing and insatiable beast that our Federal Government has become.
The truly sad fact remains, that until we remove all of these parasitic and corrupt “Politicians” from the halls of our Congress, and replace them once again with “Citizen Servants”, and install within the Whitehouse a “Leader” and not just another ” Ideological Wannabe King”, we as a Nation will continue to get what we have always gotten. A government entity that feels as a whole that “they” are above the Constitution and the very laws they prescribe upon us, and an ever-increasing and unsustainable national debt based upon borrowing against our futures to pay for a present we do not even want.

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