For years, through their Television Series and Movies, the producers of the “X-Files” reminded all of us, of the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and the supposed evidence being withheld from public viewing by our mutual governments, with the simple and emphatic phrase ” The Truth is Out There!”

There has been in just the last few years, a series of sequential events, which by themselves may not amount to much, but, when aligned together chronologically, may cause thoughtful individuals to begin to not only question the purpose, but indeed the timing of these announcements and information releases.
Government entities, which have for decades, brought to bear seemingly endless efforts to discredit and deny as natural phenomenon or some mental disability of reported witnesses, the tens of thousands of reported UFO sightings all across the globe, are now apparently setting into place a foundation for possible DISCLOSURE and verification of all they have strived so hard to keep hidden from mankind as a whole.
On May 11, 2004, the Mexican Government released information about a March 5, 2004 incident of UFO sightings by their own Military Air force. A move, in direct opposition to the long-standing International Non-Disclosure Policy of the United States and other World Governments. In August of 2009, the full and official video footage taken from this Military incursion with a flight of UFO’s was released to the public and broadcast on news media outlets worldwide. ( see it for yourself via National news reports replayed on Youtube )
In 2008, the Pope’s Chief Astronomer in the Vatican, Father Gabriel Funes,  made the statement that ” The existence of Extraterrestrial Life does not preclude a belief in God, and that that is a question to be explored by the Catholic Church.”  The Vatican subsequently held a “study week” last year from Nov. 6th – 11th, 2009, attended by some 30 Astronomers, Biologists, Geologists and Religious Leaders to discuss the question of the existence of such extraterrestrials.
The U.N. itself is not free from involvement in all of this as they have just announced formally the creation of a panel to deal with the global ramifications of “First Contact”. This “Office for Outer Space Affairs” now exists and the U.N. has even gone so far as to name this panels chief, an AstroPhysicist from Malaysia, who of course is currently denying such involvement.
Most recently, at the National Press Club, The UFO Disclosure Project, showcased seven former U.S. Military Officers and even the former Governor of Arizona, to detail their experiences including the V-shaped Phoenix lights that hovered over that city and other Arizona cities for several hours during the evening of March 13th, 1997. An experience that he had kept hush about for over a decade fearing ridicule while in office and an assured impact on any further political endeavors.
The Military involved in this event told of experiences they had at some of our missile silos in Montana and other sites. Citing occurrences of UFO’s hovering over these perspective sites, and even one description of a light emanating from the unidentified aircraft that shown down upon the silo and seemed to effect technically the missiles contained within.
These people, one must remember, are professional U.S. Military officers who are not usually prone to such outlandish claims. In fact, the men reported how a hypocrisy within the government existed in which they were on one hand questioned and told to remain silent about these occurrences, and on the other hand ridiculed when they did speak out.
The synchronicity of the above detailed events, and the many others too numerous to list in one single column, can cause one to ponder certain questions concerning this decades old debate of UFO’s and all things extraterrestrial.
Are we reaching a point where the Governments of the world, now realize that the window when they may have the actual “choice and decision” of the time of disclosure is closing, as current and coming future events “out of their control” may force a worldwide recognition of such entities from beyond our galaxy?  Is it their fear that such knowledge would put at risk the safety and continuance of  the Democracies and other Governments around the world that have kept this so secretive, for so long?
Is this all tied somehow to the 2012 enigma that grows closer with each passing day, and of which many scientific theorists believe, is directly tied to past Alien manipulations to Mankind, and his time and development on earth thusfar and in the future?  Or perhaps is this all somehow relevant to the overwhelming push in recent years towards a Global Governance, a system that would assuredly need to be put into place, should such a revelation of Extraterrestrial contacts become common knowledge and a new fact of our human existence.
And what of our Governments ability to protect us from such entities should they be or turn hostile? Do you believe that we are capable of truly defending ourselves against those with the technological ability to travel through space in a way that makes our ventures into the Universe, more like that of a covered wagon ride across the great plains versus that of a bullet train in China?  ( We would be the ones in that covered Wagon in case you did not know. )
Like an onion, each question only offers more questions at this point. But, the sheer volume of sightings, Government and even Religious maneuverings in this area, as well as the fact that a large and increasing number of the population already believe in such UFO’s, lends to the possibility that we may be soon turning on our televisions and radios, and hearing our Leaders begrudgingly acknowledging the existence of not only UFO’s in general, but perhaps even relating further information to the population, concerning their numbers, the 5 or 6 different Alien species involved, and of their historic and future intent to and for the Peoples of the World. This World!  Our World?

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