Even as members of Congress hurriedly ran out of Washington, ( early – mind you), to return home for the lie-fest that is this campaign cycle, an act that one might think would surely minimize the amount of reportable actions to discuss, for we who write about the going-ons across America, we still lay witness to an ever-increasing plethora of items, that can cause most Americans to ask themselves if we are not now living in Alice’s rabbit hole.
Last Friday, we found that the ethics trials for accused corruptobots Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters were being postponed until after the upcoming election. This in itself is not so shocking, as I doubt anyone with an ounce of intelligence actually believed that the Democrats would have allowed such a public display of their incestuous deceit and cronyism to ever see the light of day before this heavily contested election.
It is to me, the fact that this report, once again, came on Friday morning, with the hopes that it would fall into the abyss of weekend news reporting and sports coverage, only to be tossed quickly to the wayside of consciousness, by Monday morning’s new revelations of our prolonged and predictable Governmental buffoonery. This typical tactic is surpassed in it’s insult to Americans, only by it’s over usage and acceptance by the complicit media who cover such things. ( Or at least, Who are “supposed” to cover them! )
Reports also came out that Pakistan, through U.S. private security contracts, is supporting and encouraging the Taliban and telling them to continue the fight against Americans. In essence, we are funding our enemies, yet again!. There is little doubt that We are capable of winning this war.. but our rules of engagement both politically and militarily, are making this incursion, like taking an ink pen to a knife fight.
Additionally and along these same lines of thought, Friday morning, General James Jones joined the growing list of current administration members bailing from this Titanic called President Obama, as he announced his retirement as Obama’s National Security Advisor. A resignation that will go into effect in two-weeks, fully adding to the ship jumping analogy, as such turnarounds in Government usually last a period of months to assist in smooth transitions. Apparently the General saw no gains in hanging around any longer.
These stories alone would captivate your mental capacity and it’s ability to compute “crock into fact”, but in this week, we were also enlightened to a series of other ongoing debacles. We saw healthcare waivers for McDonald’s, Unions and other large companies, in this “transparent” Administration’s attempt to further save from unraveling, the much maligned and repeal-rallying Obama healthcare Reform Law.
On the election front, we are seeing negative campaign ads reaching new highs  in all time lows, fully eximplified, as an admitted illegal alien confesses to lying on official documentation and using a false Social Security Number to obtain a job working for Meg Whitman…. The same worker Mrs. Whitman subsequently fired the “very day” the worker finally confessed this illegal status after 9 years of service @ $23 hour.  And we are to believe that Mrs. Whitman is the bad guy in this scenario?  
Not the illegal alien liar, who defrauded our system and laws for at lest 9 years, or the parasitic Lawyer – Gloria Allred, who is championing this illegal’s “cause?” in hopes of bringing down Mrs. Whitman’s challenge to the Jerry Brown Democratic Gubernatorial campaign. And what of  our Homeland Security Head – Janet Nepolitano, who isn’t sure yet ” what, if anything” will happen to this admitted illegal alien….Or maybe this is all pure coincidence.
We heard of the postal union election ballots, lost in the mail by post office? The same post office that will handle all other mail-in ballots nationally, and which is already seeking further bailout moneys for it’s bloated and ineffective management that is causing billions in budget shortfalls annually. Yet we are supposed to trust Government to run healthcare effectively and in a financially sound manner?  Much less fair elections!
Also we were informed that there are more people on food stamps now then ever before in our Nation’s history, while unemployment still hovers around 10%..(9.6 actually ).   The Obama administration finally kicked into action to effect this somehow ..  Not by changing their anti-capitalism activities and working instead in helping businesses grow, startup and in turn hire!..  No they just want to count the poll workers from November’s election in the next Unemployment figures accounting,  to hopefully shrink that percentage back down a little to some false number, that they can then mention as a symbolic success of their as of late, failed stimulus package.
I say failed, Of course that does not ring true, if you received any of the $22 million of stimulus money that we learned was sent to 72,000 dead people and 17000 imprisoned felons…. The Program that we were told, would be overseen by our Vice-President and “Sheriff ” – Joe Biden.   Fortunately, and amazingly, some of this wasted taxpayer debt has been recouped, but c’mon man, how long will this type of insanity continue? Lucky for Americans and our budget deficits, “No one messes with Joe! ”  
Currently, 1 in 5 Americans are facing foreclosure on their homes, while in a rare act of Bipartisanship,  the Senate, before sneaking home to campaign, also snuck through for the President’s signature a long languishing bill to protect the heavy campaign funding mortgage lenders from the State Notorization laws that help to prevent fraud in foreclosures.. Hey! At least they worked together on something huh?  Unfortunately it was in Screwing us again!
 And finally, U.S./Mexican border security issues smacked us in the face again, as a Texas man was killed along Falcon lake in Texas while jet skiing with his wife. Reportedly done by drug cartels who run rampant and undeterred there, and combined in insult by a  Mexican Govt. not only very slow to assist, but  which is in fact discrediting this report… ( Surprised? )  But, we are told our border is more secure than ever before, and even more amazingly, many beleive it.
I grow ever astonished at all that is happening around us each and every day. It appears at every turn our world is being dismantled and reshaped into something I cannot recognize nor accept. We live in a time where Citizens determined to try and force a change from within our Government, are ridiculed and insulted by that very Government and their media allies, and where other nations now treat us like that neighbor down the street we all know, but do not want to associate with.
The only question I have at this time, is whether we will somehow stop this progression towards doom, or are our children going to be forced to live in the same type of failed nation that  we have always been the ones to rescue, since our beginnings. Who will rescue us, if not ourselves?

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