Healthcare reform, that once heavily opposed Congressional bill and now even more emphatically opposed Law, remains in the forefront of the American conscience and National debate, in several venues,  almost a full year after it was forced upon the population through deceit, non-disclosure and typical Washington back-door bribery.

Firstly, it is in it’s overt absence, a major tenant of the current election cycle, as it remains the greatest unclaimed and unheralded success of those Democratic members of Congress who are running for re-election this year. Republican and Independent candidates are mentioning this law, as they campaign for it’s repeal. defunding or revision in some way, but it is those who thwarted the will of the people in order to get this passed, who seem to be avoiding this subject like the plague.
This Healthcare Law, ( and the soiled process that brought it upon us ), is not even being mentioned by those who are seeking additional terms in Washington from the Democratic side of the aisle.  A subject so toxic, that we see only a few Democratic candidates who are still admitting or even mentioning anywhere in their campaign commercials that they are even ‘Democrats’. ( It seems as if everyone is somehow an Independent this year.  I didn’t realize there were so many Independents in office in Washington.  Who Knew? )
Of course, it is not hard to imagine such an occurrence of selective amnesia from these candidates, as Mr. Obama himself, has all but cut off and hung to dry, his Congressional Democratic Partners in Crime, leaving  them adrift in the waters of Constituent discontent, by declaring now that after two years and One Trillion Dollars spent, that there “Are no such things as Shovel Ready Projects, When it comes to Government Expenditures! ”   ( Really Mr. President?, You’re telling us that it took this long!, that much money!, and two years of misrepresenting the facts to the American people, for You, Congress, Sheriff Joe Biden and your Administration, ( I mean of course those who have not jumped ship yet ), to realize this?  Is this what that highly touted Harvard Education has brought you? )
Friday it was announced that a Federal Judge in Florida was upholding the Multi-State lawsuit against the new Healthcare Reform Law, going against what a similar judge in Michigan, ( a liberal ), had found, and citing that there was enough cause to hear the case, on the grounds of the Constitutionality of the Government forcing Americans to purchase such Health insurance under the Commerce clause. A case that will no doubt reach the Supreme Court, but not for at least another year or two, as endless appeals are levied against each such decision by Mr. Obama’s “InJustice”  Department.
The Healthcare Reform Law may be gone from most campaign conversation, but it is not forgotten, as a new commercial has found it’s way to the television screens across America. Have you seen it?  A very folksy looking kitchen table moment, with four card playing elderly looking individuals, who somehow spontaneously begin to discuss the “Great Benefits” of this new law, while simultaneously reminding each other of the importance of protecting their Medicare card information and eluding to the huge amount of waste and fraud within the system.  Waste and Fraud that this new Law will halt somehow.  ( Wait, hold on a minute while I stop this uncontrollable gag reflex! )
Initially, they ( the Obama Administration and Congress ) must hope that we will somehow refrain from the knee jerk reaction we feel to easily associate the term  “Waste and Fraud” with anyone or anything that comes out of Washington. ( Hard I know! But Try we must. ) This type of focus group tested advertising didn’t work when they trotted out beloved Actor Andy Griffith to espouse the benefits of this Law and it won’t work now. People are informed, and information blows away their dust of deception everytime.
Secondly, they must be, by some historical reflex, counting on us to not know or have paid attention, to the fact that their own Governmental Actuaries have reported this week, that due to the increased costs associated with Medicare and Medicaid in this Healthcare Law, and the countless large Insurers which are currently withdrawing such Medicare coverages because of this, we will have some hundreds of thousands of people on Medicare being forced out and finding themselves seeking new and even more costly coverage elsewhere. What happened to ” If you like your coverage you can keep your coverage ‘ Mr. Obama? ( Well, I guess that went the same way as ” transparency, bi-partisanship, post-racialism, shovel-ready projects ”  and the Dodo. )
The idiocy of all of this, hit us all smack dab in the face this week as it was reported that IBM CEO Samuel J. Palmisano, not only offered to Mr. Obama and this Nation, the system and expertise for both, improving quality and rooting out some $900 Billion in Medicare/Medicaid waste and fraud, but actually offered to do it for “FREE!”, just to show Mr. Obama that it would work. I repeat..  FOR FREE!   Well, guess what brilliant leader had the “audacity of hope” to TURN HIM DOWN? Ta-Daaa!   ( Are you really surprised that this President would refuse help from a Capitalist? )
This boggles the mind and forces one to ask Why?  Why would you refuse help?, free help, from someone who knows how to do something? To prolong the condition maybe? To complete perhaps your plan for destroying and collapsing the system in accordance with your heroes Ploward and Piven? I’m just asking.  Because at this point people, Someone Needs to Ask!, and Lord knows no member of the press will have the courage and conviction of conscience to do it.
Now, we also find out that once again, for the second and only years in it’s history, Social Security will NOT be adjusting for cost of living increases, for the many folks who depend on it for their only means of support. Once again, the historic significance of this Obama Administration shines through. ( Nice Job Barry! )  Why is it that those in Washington can find money for damn near anything they desire, even their own raises, but not for those who have spent their lives paying in to this “trust”,  and are now depending on it in their golden years.
We are standing at some very serious crossroads here my friends. There are forces in action and in ” Power ” who see America as little more than a piece of Progressive PlayDoh, that they can mold into anything they desire. What we must all remember, is that PlayDoh is Toxic!, and such manipulation not only goes against all that we hold dear about America, but challenges and strains our Nation and it’s systems so far to their core, that once we allow this new shaped glob of clay to dry, it is only a violent and stormy rain that could ever wash it away. Do you see the clouds forming in the Horizon?

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  • Healthcare Reform – Cancer or Cure?…

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  • Healthcare Reform ? Cancer or Cure?…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  • Healthcare Reform – Cancer or Cure?…

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