The police officials stood their ground and made whatever advances were available to them. Their clubs slicing through the air and many times making contact with their intended targets, amidst a thinning cloud of smoke and tear gas. The mayhem coursing through the street.

At times their adversaries ran off in fear and haste, and other times they rammed headfirst into the line of riot gear clad sentinels. A bloody battle more akin to the launch of a revolution, than to any action one might consider in association with National fears of a Financial crisis and  ensuing economic debate. The catalyst to all of this – Austerity Measures ( the Reduction in Government Funded Benefits ).
This is what we are witnessing in Europe, ( Once again ). Not in Greece or Portugal, or any of the other Nation members of the crisis avoiding ” PIIGS “, ( Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain – The Five European Countries closest to economic ruin or default ), No!  This time it was in France. Where Workers and Unions and even unemployed High School students (?),  protesting a two year increase in the age of retirement from 60 years old to 62, and other efforts at Austerity by their Government, took to the streets in what soon turned into ongoing violent defiance.
We saw similar engagements between the people and the Government recently in Greece. England as well is seeing it’s Parliament engaged in serious and typically boisterous legislative debate, as to what efforts that Nation will have to take in order to reign in the unsustainable bloated costs ( Deficits ),  to the Country’s treasury that their Socialistic policies have true to form, thrust upon them.
I mention this today, in both context and recollection, that soon after our pending election day, something that has this Nation fixated and gorging on information and exposure right now, we are still due at the end of November to receive the economic report from Mr. Obama’s “Bi-Partisan” committee on the economy. A report that’s own postponement fuels even further the mistrust most Americans have towards Washington and the way our Government Establishment operates.
While we knew that releasing such politically flammable material was NOT going to happen prior to this election, ( a majority in disarray cannot afford such volatility ),  they are not waiting much longer than that to facilitate such a release. Remember, the results of this election will not take their place until after the beginning of next year, and this coming  “Lame Duck Session”,  from which many fear a Democrat ” Bum-rush”  to try and complete as much of their Progressive agenda as possible, is blessedly short-lived.
Thereby forcing their Socialistic hands, and mandating that the parts of this economic report that they hope to infuse into our system, will need to be driven through while their Majority is still in tattered tact. This could after all be their last best chance to at long last Fundametally Transform America, and it is hard to imagine they would waste it just because they have been voted out. Are we looking at a  possible Socialism deployed in Spite?
They have already released a trial balloon or two, leaking just enough information to try and gauge public response prior to any full reporting as fact. The words VAT tax and further increases in the Progressive tax structure have floated by us, as their purveyors stood by wringing their hands and calculating the National refusal or taste for such a thing. ( the same brand of typical Mass Manipulation we have seen and been suckered in by for decades. ) Plainly put, they do not do what is “Right” for the Nation.  They instead opt as usual, to do what they think they can get away with, and make  “Appear” as Right for America.
Certainly at some level of importance to this administration, in a little office off a side hallway, there is a individual or group of individuals huddled around a mass of paper piles, television screens and laptop computers, who’s sole purpose is to assimilate and dissect all available and relevant information here and abroad, and to gauge somehow the chances that any such violent protests would happen here once these coming  “American Austerity ” measures are announced and advanced.
The Unions, ( the prime benefactors and beneficiaries of the Democrats ), are already bucking back hard against the ongoing attempts at budgetary realignments being initiated by Governor Christie in New Jersey, and vocally challenging the ” powers that be ” in any other city or state which dares to even consider such logical economic restraints. It can only be imagined at this point, just how they would react to the kinds of hard necessities or ” reduction in benefits ” we see being employed across Europe, and which will surely, along with increased taxes,  find their way into the soon to be released report on the economy.
With a National Debt reaching $14 trillion dollars, and unfunded liabilities at levels that simply boggle the mind, America has few options staring her in the face. We can use the ballot box to alter our path and attempt to solve our economy’s issues, by doing all that can be done to rejuvenate the private job sector.  An act which will if successful, generate the tax base needed to pay down on this debt, and at least minimize the hard cuts that are still “inevitable”, as spending in Washington must be curtailed once and for all, or we shall soon see our Nation right back where we are at this moment. Teetering!
Or, We can blindly allow this Adminsitration and a re-elected Democratic Majority, to continue to borrow and spend our way into abject irrelevance as a sovereignty and world leader. Heading step by step closer to resembling more the same European Nations whose Socialistic Governance has brought them to the brink of revolution, than that of America, a nation where “Opportunity is the guarantee” , not ” Equality in Outcome “. The European-ization of America,  is in direct conflict with the Concept and Conscience of our Constitution and National Identity. Yet each day we are alowing ourselves and our Country to be pushed further into that direction.
Hard times are possible. Tenuous times are here!  Even in the best case scenario, where we see the private sector freed to grow and excel, cuts to Federal budgets and spending are not only wise, but are the only prudent measures to take, if we do indeed desire to set this nation on the right economic path again.  It is inevitable. We will all have to make sacrifices in the near future, to ensure that future for our children. And I believe, that we as a Nation are ready for it. As long as those who always rally around the call to “spread the wealth”,  will also be willing to take their share of such sacrifice. ( Without  the customary issuance of Waivers for the elite special interests )
Only time, our inner strengths and the ballot box,  will decide which way we go as a Nation. But one thing is certain, either way we have our work cut out for us. We must stay tuned in to what these ‘ elected ‘ officials – present and future, are doing to us, in ” our name “.     To fight against all odds to keep your freedom as it slips away, is noble. To wake up one day and realize it is gone, and that you had no idea that it was even happening, is shameful!

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